Wednesday , February 8 2023

He is still in the European league after injury


"I was injured when we finally played in the European leagues, and I was very excited because I believed that I would have three more games and that the team would help some goals," Dolezal told reporters. Astany.

After the wound heals, he has already played three times, and in the last game of the Dukle league he has already played in the base set. He scored once every six o'clock. "I wanted to go to Astana on the footbridge (at least in the last European Championship game) because I had been training for a few days. Unfortunately I went to the exam on Thursday, so I left my coach in court.

"I went to the footbridge with Liberec, I was very happy and a bit slower so I could not hurt anymore, I was ahead of what I expected," added the 28-year-old striker.

His whole is half of the fight in the last group with two points. In the lead Astana duo, Dynamo Kyiv lost by losing 3 points. "If we can win, anyway, if we win, the group will be more intertwined," Dolezal said.

His teammates at Astana are looking forward to a game against artificial turf. "We were in Jablonec by mid-November so we probably had some habits when we started the game, but yesterday we were trained on artists," Dolezal said.

"It's a different move, especially when the balloon is in defense, it does not stop and has another rebound," Dolezal added, "Astana's artificial turf is new or you can play in the pegs." .

The 5 hour time zone in Astana and the cold weather with zero daytime temperature are not a problem. "We will go to Czech time and today we will train for the first time and soon we will all go to bed." Tomorrow morning is free and training is only possible in the afternoon. Maybe I can sleep alternately maybe. Astana mastered with us, and we could not do it. "Dolezal said.

"When it comes to the weather, there is no warmth in our country, it is two days, but the weather is always colder," Dolezal said, "but I certainly do not.

Astany is expecting a different home game than Jablonec's 1-1 draw. "I think I saw the last home match with Slavi (1: 1), of course each game is different, they came to us in the second half, they did not attack a lot, we proved that we can play against a team in the European league "He added.

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