Saturday , January 22 2022

It’s official. Huawei sells honorary signatures, exempts sanctions


The honorary company, so far a member of the Huawei Group, will be acquired by Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology, a new company founded only on the 27th of this year, with a capital of 100 million NJ (less than 340 million crowns).

The company was founded jointly by Shenzhen Smart City Technology Development Group and a group of about 12 Honor smartphone character distributors. On the other hand, Huawei has no Shenzen Zhixin job, so the whole transaction will be completed and some kind of new honor will be created. This is an independent company owned by en-en’s agency and local government. This information has so far been verified only in English on Huawei’s website.

Huawei said that the industry’s first branch, Honor, has taken its first step, and decisions have been made to protect the interests of Honor’s various suppliers, partners, employees and distributors, primarily as well as consumers. The company will retain its employees and continue the established development direction. Hence, Honor should continue to be the most important feature for young users, where the digital world is one of the main systems of life.

The value of the transaction was not disclosed by both parties, and the Reuters agency wrote to the two that Honor’s price could be around 100 billion, or less than 340 billion crowns in January.

For Honor, these moves mean it will escape US sanctions imposed on Huawei and its subsidiaries. So, the company needs to access Google services again, and it shouldn’t be a problem with US Qualcomm supplying me (although 4G will supply Qualcomm Huawei to supply me). But for the sake of honor, this means that he must strengthen his progress.

Although the companies operating under Huawei were inherently separate and relatively independent, the products each seem to come from Huawei devices, but the company had the opportunity to implement the same components in their phones as the higher model Huawei. But Honor will probably assemble more of his models from components from external vendors, and the development of these furnaces will take time.

On the other hand, this may not be a big deal for the company. With more than 70 million smartphones sold, it’s a sturdy large-scale product and you should be able to get supplies without problems. And, in principle, he is willing to remove the chip and supply parts from Huawei, especially if he can supply it, he does not take anything. In the case of the old model, this also means a clear hope of bringing Google services back to premises. Currently, the delivery of components for smartphones can be contracted internally by Honor, after separation, Huawei will likely catch up with the bundle, and Honor will start working on new models that are not too vertical to Huawei technology.

The advantage of Honor is that the company now has its own distribution channels and does not rely on Huawei’s process. This chain is managed and facilitated by the department itself, allowing Honor to focus on developing new products that can return Google services. I wonder how long it will take. At the same time, he will be interested in seeing the Honor fare. Independence put him in the spot of independent soups for characters like Xiaomi and Real Me, who have had certain advantages by competing for number one with Huawei’s tycoon on the wall so far. Conversely, things change, and Honor finds himself in a way inappropriate for his soup.

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