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Marcinko's woodcutter already reduces his score. A hat trick? Long way, he said


"Golden 3, Litvinov was pretty good, I do not know if we are a better team, but I found a way to win and it was always the most important," Marcinka said. "They manage a good team well, and we do, so we are satisfied with the point and we keep on going."

Again, you showed that you could be at the forefront, right?
"Perhaps another goal we all have in the arena, and the first one has lost him, I like it very much, after all the score is important and beneficial to us.

Against Litvinov you went to the hat trick.
"I thought it was a long way (smile), but it was similar to the first goal, but unfortunately I did not finish, it was a shame that I did not change it."

Třinec – Litvínov: Marcinko is delicious! Ocitl will finish the RHD.

After the opportunity, did you complain to the judge what you hated?
"As they say, I bleed a little bit (laughs) but I'm sorry, every goal is important, especially in this very difficult game."

Do you have a solid period, do you think the team is already going?
"I admit that we do not even watch how we play behind us.You realize that he is winning, but we are watching the game in the game.We know that we were defeated at first, I'm trying. "

What have you changed now?
"Well, obviously something has changed, at first, the match was not good for us, now it's the opposite, even if we achieve the goal when we lose from the beginning, we try to play the game. Everybody has always tried to do 100% performance, so we did it at first but we did not tie it in. It's impossible to highlight a particular thing, it starts as an individual and the goalkeeper grabs us It is packed. When the goal is over, the victory begins. "

Did you already hear someone else in the cabin?
"No, I did not make a sound, so maybe someone will be watching the table, but let's talk aloud." In the second quarter, writing a table on this is still early, you see it, but it does not matter. It sounds cliché but it is. You have to play in the game and try to win at the nearest place. "

Things to see: Trijin – Litvínov 4: 2. Domestic steel company won the fourth consecutive

Třinec – Litvínov: Janus did not sink concrete in time, Marcinka missed the line, 2: 1

Třinec – Litvínov: A beautiful event Marcinka scored his first goal at 1: 0.

Třinec – Litvínov: Marcinko received a reel behind Janus. The penalty for Chmielewski's foul is not recognized.

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Třinecký útočník Martin Adamský presented a hockey match against Litvínov who determined the match

Třinecký útočník Martin Adamský presented a hockey match against Litvínov who determined the match


House : 12:53. Marcinko, 35:07. Marcinko, 48:45. Adamski, 53:48. Mi Mielsky

customer : 28:14. Porseland, 48:25. Hunkes


House : Hrubec (C), Roth, Galvinš, D. Musil, M. Doudera, Matyáš, Haman – Hrňa, Marcinko, Martin Růžička (A) – Adamský (A), Polanský, Svačina – Dravecký, Werek, Roberts Bukarts – Chmielewski, Cienciala , O. Kovařčík.

customer : Janus (Hanuljak) – Porseland, Ščotka, Hunkes, Baránek, Romančík, Suchánek, L. Doudera – Válek, J. Mikus, Petrusalek (A) – F. Lukeš, M. Hanzl, D. Tuma – Matoušek, Řehoř, Jurčík.


Šír, Kubičík – Gebauer, Hanzlík


WERK ARENA, Třinec (Capacity: 5 400)

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