Tuesday , May 30 2023

Other railway problems! The train does not go to the Masaryk train station.


The day after the Prague railway broke down the disturbance between Vršovice and the main railway station, the passengers were still in an exceptional condition. Due to the failure of the tow line, all traffic to Masaryk Station was stopped early Sunday morning.

"I was still on the train, we remembered that we were in Livna, then I knew we were in the main station of Masaryk." TN.cz told passengers who traveled to Prague on the first morning in Cologne.

The restrictions touched passenger trains in the direction of Kralupy nad Vltavou, Kolín and Lysánad Labem. Traffic is redirected to the primary station. According to the Czech Railways site, the time limit is limited to 10 hours. An overview of measures for specific railways can be found on the Czech Railways page.

The complications are considerably smaller compared to what the Prague railway experienced on Saturday. The disturbance between the main railway station and Vršovice was influenced in the morning by most of the connections coming from Prague. Because I could not get a train station from the station. Trains can be delayed by two hours.

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