Sunday , February 5 2023

Taxi drivers will protest against Uber in the center of Prague today.


PRAGUE, Nov. 13 (CTK) – Taxi drivers protest taxi companies such as Uber or Taxify in the Prague square of Jan Palach. According to the Association of Czech Taxiers, the event must be completed between 09:00 and 20:00. Disgruntled taxi drivers want to march across the plaza across the Manes Bridge in front of the government headquarters of the Strakov Academy. Södt asks for amendments to the Road Traffic Act, suspension of the application or release of the price. The taxi driver rallied in Prague early this year and was able to ride the city center slowly.

According to a statement from the Czech Socialist Petra Polišenského, transport in the square does not have a taxi driver trying to stop the car this time. Associations have urged them to arrive mostly by public transportation in recent weeks. Last week Polkšenský CTK said marches and events were reported to the authorities and approved by the authorities.

The Department of Transportation has begun drafting amendments to the Road Traffic Act in recent months. According to the taxi driver, the design is poor. At the same time they want governments and authorities to act against Uber and Taxify. I think Uber and Taxify are illegal. You need to disable the app. Another requirement is a change in the city's regulated pricing system. The highest possible speed per kilometer is, for example, Prague.

Early this year, the traditional taxi traveled a few times in Prague to avoid protesting Uber and Taxify. They have criticized the fact that an alternative service driver drives without license and taxi meters. In the past, Uber insisted on mediating joint ventures in a shared economy, not taxi drivers.

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