Saturday , October 16 2021

Taylor dreamed of an NBA draft when he was a kid

Vlastimil Vacek, rights

In an interview with the PPGSport agency representing him, Krejčí said, “Draft is the day I dreamed of as a young boy. It will be a wonderful experience.” He could be the first Czech draft ever since 2012, when Washington signed the current Chicago Satoran player.

“Communication with the team mainly took place after I signed up for the draft. Most of the time, a few teammates got together and asked a few questions each. I’m interested in both individuals and basketball. It’s not that the team is only interested in the player’s basketball side. It was clear, not only about who he was,” said Krejčí, who registered for the draft in mid-April. Krejčí at the time, “I know the work has just begun, but I’m really looking forward to the journey. I wonder where it will take us,” said Krejčí at the time.

A native of Straconice, he has been working in Spain for 14 years and gradually worked on the first team in Zaragoza. Last February, he made his Czech national team debut at the Pardubice home match against Bosnia. In September, the coaching team of Ronen Ginzburg failed to qualify for the China World Cup, which ranked sixth in history. During the final narrowing of the nomination, he did not fit the staff with Šimon Puršl.

But now Krejčí is dealing with health problems. In a Spanish league duel against Real Madrid in late September, he had to undergo surgery by tearing a cruciate ligament in front of the knee. He will recover for months.

“My knees are getting better. I think the first month was very important and well-maintained. Now we take slow steps and feel better every day,” Krejčí explained. Krejčí added, “You need to watch how your knees heal, but I assume you should be able to walk normally again without crutches by the end of the month. Then we still have a long way to go, but I think we are going well.”

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