Wednesday , June 7 2023

The concert for the future ended at Wenceslas Square, and Macron's media manager arrived.


The host was political critic Jindřich Šídlo and actress Iva Pazderková. The band first appeared in Prague. "I like to remember that the complaints that appeared on November 17th also appeared 29 years ago and the Communist government backed this festival in 1939. Today's government supports it in terms of 1939 and 1989. However, It happened today, when it announced that today's government will not come to the crowds unless they lose patience, "ČTK Michael Kocáb said.

Among the people who talked with them were Tomáš Sedláček, Šimon Pánek, Michael Žantovský, Barbora Poláková, Václav Malý, Tereza Voříšková, Adam Černý, Mikuláš Kroupa, Marek Wollner and Eva Holubová. The music portion of the program was provided by Prago Union, Ondrej Ruml, Republic of Two, Minus123minut, Ghost of You, Jakub Ondra and many others.

He also spoke with Lex Paulson, a French campaigner, Emmanuel Macron, who participated in the election campaign of former President Barack Obama. The congregation said that the greeting of the United States means not greeting from the White House to Prague Castle, but greeting free people to other people. Part of the incident also happened when people remembered the events of November 1989 and sang the keys and sang the Czech hymn.

According to a spokesman for the Jan Gregor Festival, more than twice as many people attended this year's concert than last year. How many people were in the square, but the organizer did not say. The event was held in four cities.

The program included, for example, teleworks and video shows, and included events hosted locally in accordance with the Freedom Festival and related initiative initiatives. The concert broadcast was televised live on TV, and reports about Andrej Babiš's son sparked protests against the Czech prime minister. Live streams have also been broadcast on Youtube and Facebook.

The purpose of the Freedom Festival is to recall the event on November 17, 1989, according to the organizers, not only anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, but also "to promote the democratic principles and values ​​of civil society".

Concerts for the future, held on 17 November and last year at Wenceslas Square, were considered presidential campaigns. The spokesman has also often defined Andrei Babiš and Milos Zeman. The concert was also featured by Michal Horacek, who was surprised by the inconspicuousness of other presidential candidates such as Marek Hilšer, Pavel Fischer and Jiří Drahoš. The organizers told the presidential candidates that "many of them embodied the value of November 17" as speakers.

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