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The government will not fall on Friday, we are ready to continue –

Is not it strange that on Friday, CSSD will not support the government where the ministers sit?

The opposition party is trying to express its distrust of the government. The obligation of the opposition party is to secure 101 votes. It is obvious that she does not. So she tried to blow up the government through soc. dem. Forcing us to leave the government. The opposition party has no plan B to appeal to the government.

Andrei Babis (ANO) Should not we oppose the opposition proposal to express the distrust of the Cabinet?

It's a vote on the government and it does not matter how many voices you hear on the other side.

You did not succeed in the baby because of his suggestion to give up the prime minister's mission. As a solution to the crisis, you provide early elections. Is not it a shock in the water because we know we can not find another 105 agents for the dissolution of the House of Representatives?

We will not necessarily begin the dissolution of the House of Representatives. Anyone who falls into the water is an opposition party. Opposition parties encourage the resignation of the government, but there is no way to do so. It is trying to achieve this as the only way to be shocked. democrats.

We know the President will resume the reconstruction of the government of Andrei Babis when the government collapses.

If the opposition party really wants to resolve the situation, it will propose to dissolve the House of Representatives.

If the opposition gets 105 votes, we will add 15 votes (120 votes needed for dissolution).

Was the early general election of CSSD prepared financially or politically?

The argument over us is that we are afraid and that the government is responsible for all the costs of the agency. But we are not afraid of any development. We say that what the opposition does is irresponsible because there is no solution.

We are ready to provide 15 votes for dissolution of the House of Representatives. But the person who is looking for the voice is the opposition. Instead of performing the play at the house.

It is clear that the government will not fall on Friday. We are ready to continue.

But it is still true that the situation has been resolved by the exchange of Prime Minister Babis. Would you like to ask this question back to YES?

I have said several times that the Slovak model is ideal. But the YOUTH movement does not want to accept it.

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