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The wages from Bousse in the string, HaDivadlo is not in the loss. Their boss says the city should add us.


The CED (Experimental Theater) Center, which includes String Theater Goose and HaDivadlo and ends U Stolku Theater, has experienced a very turbulent lately. What is the mood here?

The atmosphere of the boss was good now. The position of the winner, Anicka Davidova (formerly Petrželková, editor's note) and the participation of new playwright Martin Slaudek are expected from the artistic director, who is scheduled to start on January 1, 2019. Both artists are strongly preparing for the new artistic direction of the theater, including the closest nearest season.

When I arrived I looked forward to myself because I had done a lot of things after leaving Vladimir Moravec. Until recently, I became a drama tutor, but for almost a year I was the artistic director of Husy na provázku and the director of the Experimental Theater Center. I hope it helps a little.

How did you manage the onslaught?

It was to ride a tiger. We have had a difficult time, but I think it is very successful. This bandage honored the 50th anniversary of its founding with the Arts of House of Arts, the Lord of House of Falal, the extensive retrospective, and the two great festivals of Prague and Špilberk. In the new season, in cooperation with the Brno Philharmonic, we held the 100th anniversary celebration of the Republic in Besední dům. We have recently outdated US production. This is a great reaction.

Since the beginning of the season, we have also started a new discussion called Cafe Republic. This is the last time the President of the Constitutional Court, Pavel Rychetský, last discussed the case with Slovenian President Iveta Radičová. Now there is a premiere of Dostoyevsky Player directed by Machala Hába. Milan Uhde's new game is already preparing for Juraj Nvota. This year, I was filled with intense work and I think I can speak boldly.

How about a set? Eventually the ensemble and almost all of the employees started with a petition event …

Set is stable, atmosphere is good. Otherwise, it is in HaDivadle, and the bid supports the position of CED Director. So far there is a hangover there. Because it happened differently.

There was also a letter from the CEDU asking for separation …

Yes. I am kind, patient and open, and I have a willingness to talk to them. However, there is considerable financial difficulty. So we reach the issue of the whole CED. HaDivadlo is a strong negative financially. We are partly hiding the subsidies from the Ministry of Culture, but new products are emerging. This, of course, leads to new costs. At the end of the year, it seems to be a big loss now. All candidates in the auction agreed that the entire institution lacked funds. Finally, the selection committee itself consists of experts and representatives from the city council.

How does HaDivold's deficit actually appear?

As a bishop, I face various problems every day. You do not have enough money to do the production. Although the budget was slightly improved last year, we leave half of our work in similar types of plays. It is a terrible number. We have to pay not only directors but also the entire creative team, who is in production for two to three months! At the same time, we have to make scenes, make clothes, and buy props. We have to buy everything from the outside because we do not have our own workshops or tailors.

So how do you solve it?

We have to pay artists a lower price than other theaters. Of course, of course, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get quality producers here. If we want to remain a leading organization to operate a progressive theater, we must be able to engage with high-quality artists, but we must be able to pay them appropriately. This is a big problem. But our employees do not have enough wages. Everyone is ranked with us at least one rank lower than employees in the same location in different theaters.

Is it related to all positions?

Yes, from management to technology to actors. In our case table wages do not take into account the actual cost of labor. Other organizations consist of various bonuses or rewards, but simply do not have money. Some CED locations are missing. For salvation, people accumulate skills and gain more jobs. In other words, not only have you paid heavily, you are overworked, tired, and overloaded for a long time. Then they leave. And we have to learn something new, but after a while they are leaving again. And then again. It is a vicious circle.

What is the actual income of a Husy actor in a stringed instrument?

It depends a lot on the class and classification. It ranges from 20,000 to 30,000 for the oldest and most experienced actors.

How many budgets will you raise next year to avoid the same problem or to avoid paying the better people?

From the beginning I try to act in synergy with the city. During the selection process, I informed the CED Director that I would prepare a report to show how much I was missing. I wrote this report and presented it to representatives of city management. – to the early senior management of the municipal government, to emerging people. All competent politicians have access to accurate analysis. There is a clear discrepancy between where and how much CED money is missing. The total amount is 11.6 million crown.

All over CED?

Yes. But it is not a big development. It is about creating a normal condition for creation under current operations and maintaining a balanced budget. This amount covers a serious deficiency.

And how did the city delegates respond?

I was convinced that City Hall representatives are deeply aware of the CED issue and that their solution to mortgage lending is one of the city's priorities. It pleases me and I really appreciate it. When we set the budget for 2019, we know politicians are now confronted with complex things. However, since CED funds are closely related to the city's cultural policies, it is a serious and growing issue that needs to be a public topic.

CED is waiting for deep and very necessary changes …

right. Since January 1, Goose's new artistic leadership has started at String Theater. This is a very fundamental change in the theater. For 47 days, U Theater has been in operation for 20 years. The new studio focuses on experimental theaters that overlap with other types of art. It will be a creative inspiration workshop and a bridge that links non-natural scenes. Since March, Matyas Dlab has been an art director, Lukáš Jiřička as a playwright, and Soňa Borodáčová as a producer.

The goal is to establish a project center that will be a centerpiece of innovative scenic arts and to build long-term partnerships with domestic and overseas sites. We want to create a space where CET meets formal and novice artists, formal and underground cultures. At the same time, it is absolutely necessary to reconfigure the entire director and management department of CED.

So, do you guarantee that politicians will increase their budget by $ 120 million with the necessary budget? Or can you imagine it would be less? And what if they had not added anything to you?

I can not imagine at all. Or otherwise: Anything you can imagine, but the result must be. This can be caused by the limitations of CED. To get rid of the premiere, reduce traffic, and lower self-sufficiency, CED's innovation must be abolished. But it will be an interference on the nature and meaning of the whole CED. It is a unique organization that can be a decisive cultural force, not only in the city or the republic, but also in the international arena.

CED offers a tremendous service to the city. He co-produces his genius, focuses on the audience, and intentionally and in the long run to sponsor original works, new writers and artists. At the same time it is an important spring and seed of talent. Each year, 600 performances and events are held at a level similar to that of the National Theater. So all these questions are of course related to the cultural politics of the living arts sector of Brno …

Are you all disgusting?

No – I believe we are now at the threshold of something beautiful and special. It is a unique opportunity to rebuild and rebuild in Brno. The city can proudly proud. We have a great team and look forward to the next one.

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