Thursday , March 30 2023

Three years later, they met a police officer and a mistress who helped her portrait.


"We published clothes and things with us, we communicated with the local and remote communities' markets, and contacted neighboring countries and compared them with a local man who had lost people. We have thoroughly investigated the personal impulses of the public, but they have had negative consequences."Zlin police spokesman Monika Kozumplíková said during an investigation at A man's body was found in August 2015.

After exhausting all the options available in the search, they asked the staff of the Climinalistic Institute in Prague to draw a picture. This process eventually yielded results. "And this time, three years after he found the body, one of them turned out to be the right way," she said, adding that she may be a man of České Budějovice, who has not been seen for a long time.

"By thoroughly analyzing and discovering additional clues, the police knew that the dead had a son who lived in the village of Napajedel and had no news about him. Comparing the DNA of the two families with the DNA of the dead, the prophecy became clear,"The spokesperson concluded that the survey found that he was born in Forelic, 50 years ago, and lived for several years, later he lived in several parts of the Czech Republic and finally decided to return to his hometown to die himself. not.

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