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Your agent is already proposing billions of wire transfers from your state budget.


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Prague – Opposition and government spokesmen have already begun to submit proposals for next year's legislators to transfer money within the national budget. By Friday they had put proposals for more than 20 billion crown crowns into the chamber of commerce. Individual movements range from millions to billions. The amendment should be submitted by the petitioner at the second reading of the budget and will be held at the House of Representatives meeting in December. They will then have room for more suggestions.

For example, MP Jakub Janda (ODS) withdraws the Ombudsman from the budget of 10 million crowns and calls for support from the disabled movement. The Ombudsman office needs this money for office expansion. But Janda says that the proposal can not jeopardize the operation because the office will use the unused costs of the past few years for investment, according to the justification. Another 7 million crown wants to remove government funds from non – governmental nonprofit organizations and provide disability benefits.

TOP 09 MP Dominik Feri proposed to bring about 5 billion crowns to the Ministry of Transportation and distribute them to the Ministry of Education. Milliard proposes science and research, and the remaining four billion suggest local education.

Jan Hrnčíř (SPD) hopes the Ministry of Education will spend $ 2 billion and move it to other spending in the resort, for example, for special education.

MEP Jan Pastuchová wants to provide $ 210 million in support for material support. We want to add municipalities with extended authority to protect children socially. Frantisek Vacha (TOP 09) wants to add $ 3 billion to local education and to throw away money for national debt.

Věra Kovářová (STAN) and Mikuláš Ferjenčík (Pirates) want to withdraw grants of CZK 6.3 million (CZK) to the Czech Free Military and want to give the Czechoslovakian village a chance to renovate LASIK villas. This cottage is a symbol of the resistance of Czechoslovakia, and in 1942 the Nazis interrogated the residents of the A-paratrooper and Ležáky in the basement. They were shot at a nearby shooting range. The Pardubice Regional and Cultural Office wishes to include the cottage on the national cultural monuments list.

People 's Deputies, Paul Golasowska and Vit Kaftovský are going to add 800 million to finance social services. Money is often wanted in a different way from illness or unemployment benefits. Markéta Pekarová Adamová (TOP 09) intends to withdraw CZK 5.9 billion from the Department of Transportation for a rate cut and add it to the allowance. In the same source, he wants to increase parental allowance by receiving 5.8 billion.

Proposals for transfer of funds within the budget will be voted upon by the final budget approval. Last year, the members of this year 's budget moved a total of 7 billion crown. But before they proposed changes to about 100 billion crown.





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