Thursday , March 30 2023

Ahli falls to Esperance in three clean conditions and is defeated in the African Championship.


Al Ahli lost to Africa's Esperance in Tunisia for two consecutive years in the finals, lost three clean-ups in the match that brought the two teams on Friday night, and the Ladies Stadium in Africa Champions League second leg.

The first leg ended with a triumph of Egyptian champions and Esperance set the third historic record in Africa. He made a dull, random, transparent show without a soul, and deserves to lose his second title to Moroccan Wadad last season.

Al-Alir Mohammed Al-Shennawi – Mohamed Hani – Salif Coulibaly – Sad Samir – Ayman Ashraf – Hossam Ashur – Aman Sola – Islamic Warrior – Walid Surayoman – Team with Midoslav and Marwan Mossen .

Ali Ali, Ani Al-Badry, Taha Al-Kunai, and Yusuf Brayiri.

The two teams did not have time to feel the pulse, and Walid Suleiman suffered some injuries for treatment before finishing the game.

Ahmoud Mohammed Al-Shennawi scored a dangerous ball and gave Sameh Al-Darbali a dangerous ball. Mohammed Hani, however, gave Ghilan Shaalali a shot and took the ball to Al-Shennawi.

Over time, Esperance actively sought to reach the goal of Esperance Fusini Coulibaly rough, the most famous Ethiopian referee yellow card for Al-Shennawi and Walid Suleiman and other players.

Esperance players were blocked by Saad Samir from Esperance's Taha Yassini El Khenissi, but a penalty kick was awarded but Ethamian referee Bamalak Tesema was refused after Al-Far refused to be penalized.

At the end of the first half, Esperanza had clear control and Mohammed Hani had a slight injury but finished the game. Al-Shannani scored the first goal for Al Sardjani using a magical pass from Taha Al-Kunishey. The referee announced his rest and announced the end of the first half of the first half as a clean goal.


Esperance also started the second half in preparation for the obvious injustice of Al Ahly, who was unable to counterattack in a dangerous way in the home game.

Amr Al-Sulayyya fell to the ground due to an injury and was quickly treated and continued to participate in the match.

Saad Baqir scored the second goal of Al-Tarji in the 25th minute. Ahlawi's defense ended in failure and left the head with no control.

One of the weaknesses of Al Ali, Mido Jaber, Karim Nidved took his place and Salah Mohsen took the place of Mohamed Hani.

Al Ilya had a lack of randomness and harmony among the players, pushing Carteron to the last card and pushing Ahmed Hammadi instead of injured cancer surgery.

Al Shaul poured a powerful ball into Esperance's Anis Albadiri in the 79th minute, but Al Ali won a strangely insignificant victory. Hosam Asur made a mistake with Anis Al-Badri who floated the ball.

Ahli tried to go back to the game but no wasted Ahli lost three African titles after finishing the clean and fall meeting.

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