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Algeria today treats the gas in the abdomen .. and how to remove them from home .. and prevention methods


ALGIERS – Gas and bloating Many of us are suffering from irregular eating habits and fast food we eat. We tell you how to treat your gas in the abdomen, and how you can easily dispose of it and re-normalize your life.

Cause of arrogance

Habit, smoking or chewing gum often causes the air to turn into gas when you take in frequent air.

Pregnant. Obesity and fat accumulation in the abdomen.

Constipation, indigestion.

Eat large amounts of food at one time.

Eat fast.

Irritable bowel syndrome.

Lactose sensitivity, (milk allergy).

Excessive hot food containing spices, spices and spices.

Eat too much junk food.

Do not chew food well.

Eat fiber-rich foods and vegetables.

Drink soda water or water when you eat food.

Overdose of milk (milk).

Causes with health complications

Abdominal aspiration and fluid accumulation.

Ovarian cancer.

Dysfunction of the pancreas.

Peritoneal tuberculosis.

Inflammation of intraperitoneal lymph nodes.


Intraperitoneal hemorrhage.


Symptoms of abdominal gas

Severe pain and abdominal cramps.

Burping or exhaling gas from the abdomen by abdominal breeze.

Abdominal swelling and size increase over normal size.

Abdominal gas therapy

Although we can treat with simple home remedies that we will discuss in detail in this article, the swelling associated with serious health problems requires direct medical intervention according to the details of each case, especially when the swelling is not the only symptom, There are many other physical symptoms that affect a lot. Read more: Simple abdominal gas therapy that is not associated with colitis disease problems depends on the following preventative steps:

Be sure to adjust the feeding pattern during breastfeeding and do not swallow large amounts of air.

Avoid foods that increase the chance of gas formation and expansion.

Avoid beverages that cause bloating.

Use some safe herbal remedy to relieve bloating.

Eliminate calves Step 5

Fiber-rich food intake: Daily intake of fiber-rich foods (25 grams for women, 35 grams for men) prevents constipation and prevents swelling.

Sufficient water intake: Sufficient water intake throughout the day helps prevent constipation and prevents swelling from constipation.

Avoid foods that cause bloating: Avoid foods that are related to swelling, which can vary from person to person, as some people are associated with bloating and eating certain foods, and especially allergies.

Non-smoking: Smoking increases the possibility of swelling and gas in the abdomen by inhaling large amounts of smoke and air.

Exercise: Helps to maintain normal bowel movements. Reduces digestive problems and prevents swelling.

Natural Abdominal Gas Therapy

Peppermint: Use in routine doses without excessive muscle relaxation helps to remove and expand the gas.

Ginger: It is used for nausea of ​​pregnant women and it is thought to control the operation of the digestive system and reduce the incidence of the pancreas safely daily without overeating.

Green tea: Prevents constipation and reduces the chance of gas and swelling.

Purity: removes swelling and gas from the abdomen.

Fry: The boiled frying pan eliminates gas and shrinkage.

Fennel: It is considered a quick and effective treatment for degassing.

Cinnamon: Helps to remove and expand the gas and overcomes the pain associated with it.

Alhilban: The addition of two tablets to the food helps remove swelling.

Turmeric: a useful spice for your health and helps you overcome the swelling.

Clove: Helps eliminate swelling.

Chamomile: helps to cure Digestive Tubes and remove bloating.

This herb has little evidence of therapeutic efficacy but is moderately effective without adjuvants. Adhering to these guidelines can solve the problem of droughts that are annoying in a large part of the general population.

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