Sunday , March 26 2023

Arrested 12 school bus leaders of drug users and five centers for addictive violence treatment and campaigning in Cairo and Kalibia


The General Directorate for Drug Control launched campaigns to find addiction treatment centers and school bus drivers in Cairo and Qalioubia to avoid drug use.

The campaign seized five addiction treatment centers in the Mokattam area of ​​Cairo and the public transport area of ​​Qalioubia. Numerous violations were found during the investigation.
There is a lack of licensing for the Free Therapy Department.
There is a lack of approval from the National Mental Health Addiction Treatment Committee.
Lack of consent in civil defense.
Lack of waste contracts.
Lack of medical teams.
Absence of patient file or approval of patient's treatment.
Medical equipment and room shortage (emergency – emergency repair).
Practice your medical practice without a license.

In the same vein, while the Department was one of the campaigns to prevent substance abuse among school bus drivers, 40 schools bus drivers were tested at 31 schools in Cairo, 12 of which were positive for drugs, Legal action has been taken.

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