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Calorie conspiracy .. For decades we are eating wrong. panorama


Ammon – For decades, people have relied on calorie intake, obesity and the least fat food they eat, but it is time to eliminate this misguided standard.

The calorie, a measure of food that weighs more, is "wrong and wrong concepts have been circulating over the years," the economist reported.

According to the magazine, in 1843, Wilbur Atwater, who invented the concept of calorie or heat prices, decided to provide a unit for measuring the energy supply of food to the body.

Indeed, the Atwater standard has been adopted around the world, which does not recognize many scientific errors assumed by the world, such as not observing burning of various levels of food due to factors such as genetics and genes and other variables such as intestinal bacterial characteristics.

Another misconception is that fat causes weight gain over sugar and other foods.

However, according to the magazine, Atwater's theory can not be entirely blamed, and in 1967 at Harvard University, the sugar factory funded an important study that found the risk of body fat compared to sugar.

As a result of this study, the world 's obesity rate has increased significantly and the incidence of heart disease, the leading cause of death worldwide, has increased.

According to medical research, hyperglycemia causes insulin to accumulate in fat cells, making sugar the fastest way to gain weight.

Despite all this fact, calories remain a universally applicable standard. For example, there are many drawbacks such as the difficulty of calculating when affecting the & # 39; burning speed ', which includes eating time with two types of food ingredients digested differently in food.

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