Thursday , March 30 2023

Donation income reached Rs. 1 billion and Rs. 200 million.


The House Religious Committee today approved a draft bill submitted by the government to reconstruct Awqaf at a meeting of Asamah Al-Abd's chairman.

According to the draft legislation, the donating authorities have the right and obligation to manage and invest in the funds entrusted by the Minister Awqaf and the abolition of the 1972 Egypt donation authority and the Presidential Decree No. 1141 on the establishment of a power of authority to dismiss Law No. 80 of 1971 With the relevant rights and obligations.

Under the Draft Act, the Awqaf Authority can allocate and evaluate funds to manage and invest in the Waqf Fund on an economic basis and to take measures to protect the rights of the authorities with tenants, occupiers or hires.

Al-Abed has asked the Awqaf authorities to advertise their citizens' money laundering, and Al-Abed drafted a law on reconstitution of Awqaf at a meeting of the House Religious Commission. It's not modern.

This came out of a meeting of the Committee on Religious Affairs and Donors led by Dr. Osama Al-Abd yesterday and came out to discuss draft legislation that the government submitted to the "Reforming of the Egyptian Donation Authority" bill.

Awqaf's director of education, Jabir Taya, pointed out that last year's Awqaf Ministry added a new moratorium value of 12 million, indicating that Awqaf Ministry is proceeding according to a lawful legal approach that refers to Waqf in Aqqf. For the purpose of lifting the suffering of the Egyptians.

Mohammed Mukhtar Juma, Minister of Awqaf, announced the completion of the new Atlas of Awqaf in less than three months.

"The draft bill is about two years of compiling a preliminary inventory and a comprehensive inventory compilation that matches and matches the acquisition and execution areas." Completion of registration and compliance and application in the 16 states is a major part of the total contribution Equivalent to 90-95%. country.

He pointed out that Juma would direct an inspection team to investigate the authenticity and severity of the minister's contribution. The ministry will accept "false complaints". Electronic complaints will be disclosed through the Secretary's Web site, he explained. Register the ID number in the nearest office of the ministry and help the expert allocate financial compensation for the amount.

The Minister pointed out that not only invaders to the waqf, but to open sanctions on draft legislation that would encourage employees to obtain them, open doors to donate to the new suspensions recorded in this context. Do not touch it and go to the new height. Do not enter income for other items.

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the chief economist, said there was an average rate of return before the £ 400-500m pandemic, but at least this year between 1billion and 200 million, Pound sterling.

He was able to support £ 100 million in ministry through this increase and will save £ 100 million to provide adequate housing in the northern part of Egypt based on the Social Solidarity program and to support education after the launch of the education fund 25 million pounds and 25 million pounds for building 100 houses in Halabysh, which led to 20,000 safety certificates for 50,000 women and contributed to the rehabilitation of 270 homes for preschoolers in north Sinai I did.

Minister Awqaf informed the Government of the draft legislation on the "Reorganization of the Egyptian Donors Authority" that the government was controlled by jurisprudence and legal controls and that it was done on time in accordance with all standards.

Blair testified to the Egyptian people on the Council's referral to the Security Council, on the Council, on the political leadership, and on legal and legal controls and public welfare.

"We have no interest except in the interests of the public interest, the law and the law, there is no prejudice or prejudice, and the present climate will bring uniqueness."

Minister Awqaf promised the committee that it would fill all the gaps in the current legislation and send a statement to the bill within two weeks, including the philosophy.

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