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I did not feel 12 hours in Vishawi. Interesting remarks on toxicity

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Books – مصراوي:

Writer Sumaya Al-Alfi met her 66th birthday on Tuesday, and she made her mark on many of the entries she made and carved her name with the stars of the Art era.

Born in Cairo in 1953, he received a bachelor's degree from Cairo University.

She jumped into the arts through television, moved from theater to theater, and worked between film, theater and television.

Farouk al-Fishawi has always been a concern for many since the first meeting. I married after separation, but I have a few months to talk with him.

The appearance of Raghda Shalhoub, a second-year reporter who appeared in the "Comprehensive Screening" program two years ago, was remarkable and motivated by a number of statements that shocked the audience. On the next line:

I stopped about 12 times, experimented again and argued for my strength of love for pregnancy.

I did not wear a veil and would not, and surprised the relationship between wearing retirement and veil. I was not sure how to act in hijab.

– Faith, tolerance, and psychological peace all lead to man and paradise, not "Hatha Ishareb".

– Ahmed Al-Fishawi is a woman and a woman-loving father who has been weak in front of women since his youth.

"We cried after separation and wept together," she said.

– Farouk bored a lot and closed my eyes to many things I did not get.

2,000 tips were given to women who found their husband's betrayal. "I lack the knowledge to save your life and your family."

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