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I know the frequency of the channel Yarmouk Airline Event Clock Series Ertgrl Seminar Part 124 V Nylat


The frequency of the channel is moving the event of Yarmouk Jordan, series Artagrl Episode 124 Part V It loves a lot of historically important tasks that will translate across the screen into Arabic and let everyone search the fast frequency channel Yarmouk 2018, Announced the work. A new section and format that will provide a new kind of drama on the screen of other Arab countries, which is the historical part that everyone used, directs Artegral episode 124 directly.

The Ertagrl 124 series, the most important serial in Turkey and the Arab world, reached the fifth part, which was the last four parts of 121 rings, and this series has won a great victory from the beginning. And Artegrel who wanted to announce the beginning of the Ottoman Empire was her son Osman, and the good thing about the series was that he was excited to see the new episode directly on the Artegril 124 series.

Frequency of Yarmouk channel

frequency Encoding speed Correction factor
level 27500 3/4

Date of Artegrel Show on Yarmouk Channel

Watch the Artagrl 124 series, which sent episode events via satellite NileSat. Satellite NileSat offers new episodes and a daily evening series every Thursday evening at 8 pm Cairo and Jordan, at 9 pm at the Mecca era, the rehearsal will announce the date of episode Artagaral episode 124 at 1 pm Cairo time and the second Mecca will be on Friday at time.

The announcement of this series is Episode 124, which was continually translated on the Yarmouk channel on Thursday evening, showing Artagrl 124 Part V, which will be broadcast on the Turkish TTR channel at 8 pm EST and next Wednesday of the 5 th season. The 9:00 KSA time and return will be at Friday and 13:00 Cairo time.

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