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«Interior»: 18 new port operations for «security» (details)


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The Ministry of the Interior has adopted several measures to provide basic food products to all food sources at an affordable price by providing large amounts of meat, poultry, fish, various foods, crops, and crops through the Aman Islands. During the recent implementation of plans to expand and expand in all provinces, the system «Aman», from the Republic level to a total of 972 stores, after the processing and operation of 18 new stores was completed.

This initiated a new phase of the "All One" initiative at the republic level, working with the chiefs of major commercial chains, under the direction of the main Mahohad Tawiqi Minister of Home Affairs, to initiate a new phase of the "All One" initiative, Expanded new store openings for systems. When the holy month of Ramadan comes.

The Cairo Administration District includes four ports in the following areas: «Aguza, Omrania, Boulak Dakrour, Mounira, Imbaba, October 6» under the bridge of «Agva Azadi Party, National Conference, Rawd Al-Faraj» Including 8 reporters, Banha and Qatarubia in Khanqa area, two pothers and a lake implementation of the Damanhour area and an Alexandria implementation of the Gabriel area.

In the same vein, Aman took the lead through the exit of the «Ahla Ramadan» (Ahla Ramadan) established by the republic-level regime (both of us – both at the Ahlan Ramadan exhibit), with 198 numbers and 70 By establishing the exhibition, other basic grocery items and Ramadan accessories are offered at a lower price (20%: 40%) than the counterparts in the market, and in cooperation with the Security Bureau during the Ramadan period, Food prepares 10 million packets. .

This comes within the framework of further developing it as one of the government's contributions to stimulate the social and humanitarian role of the Ministry of the Interior with the public sector through the "Aman" system and to reduce the burden on citizens.

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