Saturday , June 3 2023

Investigating the unemployment of 56 employees at the Bardeen High School


Dr. Mamdouh Gharab, Governor of Al-Sharqiyah, has decided that 56 staff members of the Bardeni Commercial Grammar School, the head of the school and the official of attendance and attendance at the school delegate to investigate the governor's legal affairs that he was not present at work or did not enter the employer's previous vacations.

This took place on a terrain on certain areas of government schools operating in the local government district and at the Bardeeni College of Commerce on a sudden visit to the progress and regularity of work and to provide education services for students, where the school had 56 full-time lack of school staff, Failure to provide services to students.

In a contextual context, Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab forbade the Governor of Sharqia from completing the construction work, for breaching Othman bin Affan Street in university villas in the city of Zagazig, as well as for the maintenance of materials and equipment used in the work, including mixing, sealing of the water tank and cement. The realtor.

Dr. Mamdouh Gharab, the governor of Al-Sharqia, received a complaint about the completion of construction work on the violation of the university villas of Zagazig, the governor launched the Zagazig city center headquarters to the building opposite Othman bin Affan Street and completed the construction work and confiscated the materials used. Laugh about the infringement.

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