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Luxor is preparing to celebrate the birth of Rizeigat (picture) from Marjerjis … Masrawy


Marjerjis birth celebration in Mount Risingigat (photo)

04:47 PM

Friday, November 9, 2018

Luxor – Mohamed Mahurlu:

Torture Mustapha inspired the Luxor monastery of Martyr Mar Gerges Barzigat in Arment, Luxor, and began celebrating the birth of Marjerges every November.

The governor was greeted by members of the Vatican Council overseeing the monastery season and the governor discussed with the governor the final equipment for the celebration to begin on November 11.

The Luxor local authorities started on Wednesday, November 11, and continued until the 16th of this month on the island of Rizigat in Arment, south of the castle. The birth of Marjerjis ended with the celebration of thousands of Coptic and Muslims.

Authorities have declared an emergency in health and civil protection facilities, and a large number of ambulances and firefighters will be deployed in the event of an emergency.

We have decided to form a committee that will provide the needs and coordination of security leaders to prepare Governor of Luxor and to talk to the monastery leaders and secure celebrations until the end of next month.

The Security Directorate of Luxor has developed a security plan to secure housing. Tariq Allam chief inspected the security of the monastery of Luxor and guaranteed security.

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