Sunday , November 28 2021

Majida Roumi: Arab Music Closing Ceremony: Egypt is the sovereignty and bow of her and her army.


Artist Majida Al Roumi started a concert at the Egyptian Opera House Monday evening. The Egyptian Opera House ended with an Arab music festival with a greeting for Egypt, her country and her army. She conveyed great blessings and greetings to the country described as sovereignty and independence. .

I read her statement as follows.

Hello, dear Egypt and friends, I am pleased that we love you and all love and good things. And I can not express happiness as soon as I arrive in Egypt. If only I open my heart, I will let you go. I have a lot to say in Egypt, but she is short and tells us that she loves Egypt and tells us about her port side.

I love Egypt for the good people and the healing face, the nightly singing boat and the love of the Nile. I love Egypt as a capital of history and immortality. Because of this nature, it is a great Mihara in every art.

We are Rabina and our mother is young We heard Rabina voice of Egyptian voice and father heard that Ahat said it was an adult. We love Minna with Umm Kulthum Abdul Halim, Abdul Wahab and Lili Murad.

We like Shatin, Nadia Lotfi, Suad Hosni and Nehalam. We grew up together with Siraj Munir, Zinaat Sedki, Abd El Salam Nabulsi and Ismael Yassin Minna who accompanied us in our youth.

What do you think of Youssef Chahine? How do I create Ilham Shaheen and Yousra without talking to Ilham Shaheen and Yousra, Imam and Ahmed Zaki who made us very happy and forget the names of the fetishes and others, Taragkm and the adult who passed through my head forgive me.

I am living in Egypt with all the immortals before I have much talk and singing, and that is my first line of defense against Arab dignity. I am talking about the words of a girl who lived through the Lebanese war and the Egyptian army. We turn our attention to the sovereignty, dignity and independence of Egypt.

Majda began the connection with the song "Al Ali Al Falah" and led to the theater where the heads of the opera heads Magdy Saber and the head of Dr. Jihan Morsi handed over a shield of honor to her father, Halim Roumi.

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