Tuesday , May 30 2023

Nabeul's economic control campaign results in reserving more than a ton of potatoes and tomatoes


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Nabeul's economic control campaign will reserve more than a ton of potatoes and tomatoes on the latest news site Sunday, November 18, 2018.

Nabel's trade agent, in cooperation with the City Police, was able to pack 1 tonne of potatoes and tomatoes and raised 64 economic violations, not price increases, non-billed claims, or price announcements..

Jamal al-Din Al-Fahm, managing director of the Nepalese region, said in a statement to reporters that Shams FM visited 215 people from different regions and that 12 teams laughed at the purpose..

We appreciate visitors and visitors for their trust and presence, and we promise to provide all new and important information from all trusted sources. (Due to Nabal's economic control campaign, we have reserved more than 1 ton of potatoes and tomatoes.) The source is responsible for the content of the report.
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