Tuesday , May 30 2023

Next week … The hero of "Cell 7" finishes the shooting event.


Next week there is more information on this news. The hero of "Cell 7" finishes the shooting event.

The movie "Dunno 7" continues to draw the scenes of Hurghada's Shail Hash and Sharm El Sheikh, and after taking every scene the next week, it enters the editing and mixing stage for the mid-term.

The event is centered on social action, and the hero is represented by an artist named Ahmed Zaher in the case of the characteristic of "war", the young man is in crisis after the prison and the artist of "Mansour Aaiq", Nidal Shafei Implement the nature of.

The film was titled "Professional" before it changed. Despite the long friendship, it is the first collaboration between Shafi 's and Ahmed Zaher' s struggle.

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