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On her birthday .. About Fatima Rushdi's writer, director and actress


About Fatima Rushdi About the author, director and actor Fatima Rushdi of the Al-Hawar Newspaper celebrating his birthday anniversary Fatima Rushdi is a writer, director and actor of Fatima Rushdi. Authors, directors and actresses start with the most important news on her birthday anniversary via our website Al-Hawar. Information about writer, director and actor of Fatima Rushdie.

Al-Hawar is an artist named Fatima Rushdi, one of the pioneers of Egyptian theater and cinema in the 1930s. He has written, directed and worked in this area and is also a playwright of Fatima Rushdi.

November 15th is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Fatima Luksidi.

– born on 15th November 1908 in Alexandria

She started her career very early when she was a nine – year – old band "Amin Atallah".

– Later I joined the "Jazairi band".

– In 1921, singer Sayed Darwish invited her in Cairo, where she watched and began singing with Sayed Darwish and Najeeb Rihani in the choir.

He met a pioneer in the theater art "Aziz Eid" who described talent and potential and added it to the "Youssef Wehbe" of the Ramses Theater, promised acting and practice, and taught Arabic grammar to Arabic teachers . I want to become a star of Ramses drama group.

– In 1924, Fatima Rushdie had the opportunity to play a hero in many plays, including "Wolf, Desert, Blue Mask, Night of Honor, Night in Dhaka, Freedom,

In 1930 she traveled to Iraq and performed many plays including Ahmed Shawki's "Death of Cleopatra" and captured the hearts of those who played this role.

– joined the army, led many theater plays, and supervised the play "Ghada Camellia".

In 1960 she joined the free theater and presented the play between "Casa Linesa" and "Miramar".

– In the field of cinema she performed many tournaments including "Happiness, Decisiveness, Gypsy City, Straight Path, Reckless Life Cost".

– She left an undeniable artistic heritage, and the gigantic Egyptian theater and film were decided by pioneers of art lovers. Fatima Rushdie was nicknamed "Sarah Bernard of the East".

She initially had a constant obsession, love and loyalty to the performing arts.

– Fatima Rushdi Street The name of Fatima Rushdi in one of the streets of Cairo in the area of ​​the reporter has rekindled the memories and awareness of reporters.

– After fading in the late 1960s, the spotlight faded and left a huge artistic asset, theater giants and filmmakers, with over 200 plays and 16 films.

She died at the age of 87 on January 23, 1998.

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