Thursday , March 30 2023

Sudan’s fatal victory over Ghana maintained hope.


The Sudan national team won a fatal victory over Ghana with a clean goal in the fourth round of the 2022 African Nations Cup Cameroon Group C qualification.

The goal of Sudanese national team Mohamed Abdel Rahman was a fatal heading in the 93rd minute to win the sons of the Nile and preserve the hopes of Khan’s qualifier.

The Sudanese team scored 6 points on Group 3, Ghana’s score stopped at 9 points, the same as South Africa, and Saotome remained in Group 1 without balance.

This goal revived hope that the Sudanese team, close to qualifying for the African Nations Cup, will continue to compete until the final round of the group.

In the next round, the Sudanese team will meet Sao Tome, the group’s lowest-ranking club, and the South African team will have a fierce date with Ghana in Johannesburg.

In the final round, South Africa will face Sudanese guests and Ghana will face rival Sa Otome.

If two or more teams are tied, Ghana won South Africa with two goals in the first match, the Ghana national team surpassed Sudan in a direct match, the Black Star won two goals in Ghana and the Sudan team won with a clean goal. Therefore, there is a direct confrontation. .

The Sudan national team lost to South Africa with a clean goal in their first match.

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