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Woke up at night | More than 90,000 corona cases and stories in the Arab world


7:23 am

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Author-Mahmoud Ali:
On Sunday mornings last night and early this morning, we witnessed many important events, both regionally and internationally, the most prominent of which are:

Health: 511 new cases of “corona” recorded … 40 deaths

On the 13th, the Ministry of Health and Population announced that 933 people who recovered from Corona 19 had been discharged from the hospital after receiving the necessary treatment and recovery according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, and the total number of patients recovered from the virus increased to 32,903.
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Shahama Martyr’s Mother: “My son died of betrayal and the president demanded punishment.”

Saad Al-Sayed Ali, the father of the Shahama martyr of Dakahlia, revealed details of his son’s murder in defense of his sister: “My son felt jealous of his honor and confronted people who were harassing his sister outside the house. It. Point out that his son is studying at law school and helping him in a shoe store.

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DNA analysis of Palm Beach body in Alexandria surprises

Counselor Mahmoud Zaghloul, the first indictment of Al-Amiriya, decided to take a second sample from a corpse found in Palm Beach in the Al-Ajami region west of Alexandria.
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“I didn’t recover my health after three weeks.” The corona threatens young people with long-term illness.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the “Covid-19” virus could cause long-term illness even in young people without an underlying condition.
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Suez’s divers lead amazes at the scene of the “Al-Adabia” wreck accident.

Suez’s diver team leader Wael Tawfiq said yesterday that the presence of a series of mountains in the Adabiya area, where three people witnessed a drowning accident, indicates that the area is witnessing a very strong circulating flow, causing a distance 10 km from the body of the drowned .
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Solidarity Minister Orphanage Resident: “Consider your daughters and protect us… and” Al-Kabbaj “answers:” I am your guarantor. “

“Yara”, one of Talkha’s Dar al-Safa residents for the orphans, said that the former director of the family, Mahmoud Ezz El-Din, was tortured, beaten and left home, after which the shelter officer treated us harshly and abused us. Pointing out the points, he said he filed a complaint.

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Water expert: reliance on the African Union in negotiations should be a period of time

Dr. Khaled Abu Zeid, head of the Environmental Center’s Water Resources Area, said there should be an agenda and timing for new negotiations on the Renaissance dam issue, and that the agreement should include future development projects.
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Water Expert: The first fill of the Renaissance dam does not pose a threat to Egypt’s water share.

Dr. Abdel-Patta Muthawa, former head of the Nile Water Resources Division, said that Egypt will not give up its real rights and that we have no problems between Egypt and the African Union to reach a binding agreement on the Renaissance Dam. You said you are interested in doing it. The African Union addresses the Grand Prix Dam for Security Council doors. “

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Thousands of Israelis are protesting the government’s policy to combat the coronavirus pandemic

Thousands of Israelis took part in protests Saturday evening against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to unemployment, corruption and the novel coronavirus pandemic.
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More than 90,000 wounded in the Arab world… and 5 countries without injuries today

In the Arab world, the number of coronavirus infections (covid 19) totaled 904,551, and the number of deaths reached 16,218.
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Coronavirus first infection … North Korea declared the greatest emergency

According to official media, North Korea admitted that the Corona 19 epidemic may have spread to North Korea for the first time, and announced that it was in “extreme state of emergency” after suspecting the first infection with the coronavirus.
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