Thursday , June 1 2023

Influenza swallows Calgary faster than other Alberta regions


Photo file of the influenza vaccination clinic in Calgary.

Leahenel / Post Media Archive

The annual flu season hit Calgary faster than the rest of the country.

According to the latest information available from Alberta Health Services, 596 cases of confirmed influenza A cases occurred in the Calgary area of ​​the Health Authority between the end of August and the 10th of November.

This amounts to 129 cases in Edmonton, 93 cases in the North, 50 cases in the Central and 33 cases in the South.

Dr David Strong, a health-care worker at AHS, has reported that billions of people have had the flu before other parts of Alberta, though this has not seemed unusual until now.

"The same thing happened last year." Our outbreak began in the rest of the province. "

It is inevitable that Calgary will meet the flu season every year, but it is linked to those who traveled to the Southern Hemisphere earlier and brought people from other regions.

"Perhaps people from Calgary will travel to places where they appear for business reasons," he said.

But it is too early to know what this flu season is like. However, the dominant strain so far is H1N1, the most common variant compared to last year was H3N2.

"We are encouraging vaccination because the vaccine contains the strain we are seeing," he said.

So far, we have vaccinated 830,376 flu shots across Alberta this season Taking 349,972 from Calgary.

As with respiratory viruses, it's a good idea to cough, cough, sneeze sleeves and wash your hands regularly to reduce transmission.

"People often leave the virus on the door handle or on the surface, so washing their hands often will not get sick."

"And then, if I get sick … I have to stay at home from work or school so I can feel better, so I should not get infected by my classmates or colleagues."

In general, the flu season lasts for about 8-12 weeks.

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