Wednesday , March 29 2023

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2018 did not evolve and that's strange.


Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was recorded yesterday. This annual orbit, held on December 2, always has a brand's "angel" as well as other models that walk on extra-energetic runways such as underwear, high heels and capes, hats, wings, feathers and fringes. There are also entertainers. In the past, heavyweights such as Harry Styles, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna have been set up. This year's well-known names include Bebe Rexha and The Chainsmokers.

Victoria & # 39; s Secret was not so good until late. tutelar Memo is still the No. 1 lingerie brand in the US.) So what was interesting about this year's show was how firmly it had been ten or twenty years before what the company had been working for. The angels were all six packs shining like a beetle's carapace and thin and pointed. Diamond-studded fantasy bras may or may not be worth a million dollars in price. In 1999, Adriana Lima of Victoria's Secret Angel walked the runway again.

Video: Adriana Lima walks on her last Victoria's Secret show.

But something about the whole sights felt … awkward. Eventually, 2018 was the year when Miss America decided to surrender to the "Cultural Revolution" and eliminate the swimsuit portion of the competition for almost 100 years. It was the year when HBO announced that he would not film. Another sex scene with no intimacy coordinator makes sure all talents are comfortable. Maybe 2018 was not only a year of female anger but also a year of female candidates. And it became a year of talking about sexual violence to many women, Christine Blasey Ford testified at the Kavanaugh hearing. Although women in 2018 felt that they knew their body better than ever before, Look at my sexy abs. Way. Why is Victoria's Secret hesitating?

In an interview popularityEd Razek, chief marketing officer at L Brands (parent company of Victoria's Secret, Ed Razek), advocates for model casting and size diversity in the show, "Some of what happened on our show is that girls are only more physical We do not tell them, they compete and work hard … there's no need to apologize. "Nobody asks for a model to apologize for the model, but the brand does not use the platform. Why does not it? It shows a wider range of beauty. "Everyone is talking about Rihanna's show, and when we finish Rihanna's show, we will be prosecuted on suspicion of wandering."

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Victoria 's Secret Fashion Show is not about selling bras. It's about selling sexy definitions that have not really changed since the first VS fashion show that was airing in 1995. Sexiness tells us Bombshell Add 2 Cups Push-bra and striped cheeky panties. This narrowly defined definition of sexy is a show.

Victoria's secret market share has been very favorable and sales growth by showing various types of women and body through advertisements such as Third Love, Aerie, True & Co. We can not define how much Victoria's Secret has searched, and how women in lingerie should look anymore. If you do not receive this note in 2018, you will know who will ultimately remain in what kind of audience.

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