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Why Stanley was our superhero?

Linda Stewart talks to four NI people about Marvel's impact on amazing life as movie fans mourn the grief of comic book legend Stan Lee.

"Stan 's amazing legacy left him.

Niamh Lennon (25) from Bangor works as a hotel guide. She studied special effects and visual effects at the University of Bolton.

Niamh has been doing amazing things since childhood and dressed up many comic book characters in everyday cosplayer in Belfast 's science fiction customs.

"Every year I will wear neat clothes, sometimes animations, game characters, and sometimes amazing characters," she says. "I'm walking around where all kinds of people dressed in Captain America or Iron Man go. It's really fun."

As a confessed member of Harry Potter's generation, he quickly made his way to the X-Men's fandom with a school for young mutations.

"I did not get old, I watched them, and then the MCV (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movie came out with Captain America, Thor and Iron Man."

Niam's decision to study the special and visual effects at Bolton University was her love of fantasy and science fiction.

"I can do CGI, but because I want to work in movies, I have gone the path of physical effects like sculpture, costumes and character design.

Marvel was a big part. It will be my dream to work for Marvel movies someday, "she says.

However, when Niamh first attended college, she discovered a distinct lack of student community. So she founded her own founder, the Geek Culture Society.

"Our first event was amazing, DC Comics bar crawling, and it was so successful that society became the largest student community in college, even after many years of graduation."

"I've always been attracted to Spider-Man, and my favorite character is Gwen Stacy, who was Spider-Man's first girlfriend, and she's really smart and has become a scientist for a lot of people.

"I also like X-Men, and I like the idea of ​​a mutant school and the idea that all children with psychics need to go to school and learn how to use it.

"Everyone has the inspiration they can connect and feel, it's what many people need, and it takes someone to get inspired.

"I could not believe it when I realized that Stanley was passing by. He was 95 years old and led that life.

"We would not want to see his cameo in every movie, Marvel is a stunning legacy behind."

The Marvel fans I met in Belfast became my tribe.

Keith Millar of Coleraine (40) is a regional manager of Help Musicians, a doctorate in science but currently a charity in the UK's largest independent musician. He also talks about a new superhero movie with Alan Taylor in Coffee and Heroes' Podcast.

I do not always remember that I do not like comic books and superheroes. Spider-Man has always been my favorite, "says Keith.

"I remember seeing the Spider-Man manga in the early 1980s when Spider-Man and his amazing friend, aged 3 to 4, actually dragged Stan Lee to New York."

In Northern Ireland, however, it was not easy to catch American comics in the 1980s, and people who were not fans ended up with a single edition in a continuing story.

"They had a British comic reprint, and they reprinted a story called Secret Wars, a marvel crossover event with all the heroes, such as the fantastic Four and the Spiderman, It says.

When he was about 11, he found the comic book Talisman on Winetavern Street in Belfast.

"It was the first time I had ever seen a store specifically for selling cartoons, and from then on I was able to hear the whole story, and from then on, I had been receiving Talisman's comic book by mail, and I have been a collector since then," he says.

"Because it's fun, when I first came into science, I think the reason I spoke unconsciously was because Peter Parker (Spider-Man) was a scientist.

"The impact you have on your development, how you spend your cash, how fun you make friends.

"Spider-Man's motto is that great powers have great responsibilities, if you have the ability to do what you need to do."

"So if you have the power to protect people around you, regardless of physical or mental health, you probably should.

"The motto of X-Men is to fight for a world that hates or feels," People are different in appearance, different sexuality, or different colors, and they should be afraid It does not mean anything.

"The Incredible Hulk has everything to control anger and control the effects of anger."

Keith moved to Belfast two years ago and stayed at Smithfield Market. He found coffee, heroes, coffee shops and comic book stores where the Talisman was.

"I took the coffee and talked to the man behind the counter, and we realized that we were really good and had the same attitude to many things.

Now he describes Alan Taylor and his fiance Vicky as the Belfast family. "All the men and girls who come into the store are making communities and safe spaces for people who go with pints and go to the cinema together and go to play together.

Keith said he had never met Stanley.

"It is amazing to think that there is a person you have never met, it can have a big impact on your life and growth, the way you see the world you see, the way you see the world. Lee, "he says.

"I always thought I'd have the opportunity to meet him and say thank you, but I will learn to read the manga and learn lessons."

His stories fit all ages … they created joy.

Alan Taylor, 35, from Belfast, owns coffee and heroes on Winetavern Street in Belfast, along with his fiancé Vicky (32).

For me, it started when I was a little boy watching a Saturday morning cartoon. You had something like X-Men and Spider-Man manga, and there was a Batman animated series. "Alan (bottom right) says.

"Then we found an old shop called Talisman.We like to think we are spiritual heirs in a strange way.We are an independent store, run by fans, and we want to express it sensibly Of the community.

"We are not only cartoon stores, but cartoon stores, and people are safe places to talk, talk, and talk about comics and the latest story lines."

His favorite Marvel character says, "I do not see Spider-Man." "Stan Lee's strengths are the characters in the real world when producing X-Men, Fantastic Four and Spider-Man (below). Fantastic Four is a fighting family and X-Men is an outsider. Spider- Man is 15 years old, learning how to grow, and is learning how to handle it with all responsibility.

"It appeals to a 6-year-old, just like a normal 30-year-old, who can ride, they are characters in the real world, treated in a fantastic way."

In a sense, Alan says he can live forever thanks to his vast legacy dating back more than 60 years.

"Stan Lee 's journalist Cartoonist is not too bad to create the universe on his own," I saw God' s voice and thought it was perfect.

"He is well known through his movies, he has done all the cameos, has taken a couple of pre-shoots, so there will be more.

"There are people who have discovered a story that goes back to their late 50s, and the joy and wonder are still the same." Stanley's stories all fit into all ages: the message was universal and created joy, he was a talented storyteller.

& # 39; My childhood memories are watching cartoons.

Lisbon's Simon Bamford, 28, married Jessica (29). His love for Marvel has had a tremendous impact on the production of video games and is now yielding at Tesco stores.

Simon says he saw Spider-Man cartoons every week with his siblings for the first time on Marbles 6 and 7.

"There was an X-man comic and an incredible Hulk, and some of my childhood memories are really fun with that show."

"At that time, I liked to see people with special abilities, it was fun to see bright and colorful characters, and at some point Spider-Man had all the other superheroes on the show, I do not know what it is. "

When the movie begins to emerge, Simon will try to see his family in the movie theater.

"The fact that there were real people in the comics was something I had not experienced before, and I had to see them.

He was a huge video game fan. "I have a lot of Spider-Man games and I think it's a kind of job I want to do as I get older." In college, Simon met two friends of the same mind and founded a video game company called Digipop Games. In the end, it was difficult to make money to make games. One of the games was a prototype superhero game.

"I was influenced by Peter Parker, Spider-Man, as well as superhero characters.

Simon was the first to see Kevin Smith 's 90' s Mallrats' Stan Lee, one of his famous cameos.

"When he suddenly appeared in one of the movies, you hardly cheered," he says.

"He has created a vast world of characters and related characters that he can see, I think he has a brilliant passion and a passion to the end, and his legacy is amazing."

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