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Camilla: A small verse of Elizabeth II. I spoke a lot during the 70th anniversary of Charles's birth.

A wonderful evening at Crown Prince Charles's 70th anniversary at Buckingham Palace, November 14th. But it is Camilla that young Queen Elizabeth II's delicate wink in the speech was attended by the younger generations of Princes William and Harry, their wives Kate Middleton and Megan Macele. To the Prince of Wales …

maybe The most beautiful gift Queen Elizabeth II told her first son, Prince Charles, that they can do that. Regency? Even if the Prince of Wales is preparing it, multiply the promise and see the image of his patriarch. It is only a few words that the heir was waiting for.The sentimental life is completely unhappy at first, annoyed.

The reception was given at Buckingham to celebrate Charles's 70th birthday, but on November 14thThe Queen gave a speech to his son, of course. Silent Meetings of William and Harry, Kate Middleton and Megan MarchellePrince Andrew and his daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, and even Prince Philip, had withdrawn from the royal family, but were still active when they were still suitable for him. And suddenly, this little voice is known to all the English people. "Any mother has the privilege of celebrating her son's 70th birthday. This means that one could live long enough to see the child's aging. It is a bit – some are comparable – Tree planting and growing appearance. " Buckingham's gold emotions soon disappeared by some of these characteristics of humor. "My mother saw me celebrate my 70th birthday and she used to say that candles cost more than cake."

But these are some of the following lines that have particularly attracted the attention of the Royal Chronicles: "Over the past 70 years, Philip and I have seen our son become a powerful promoter of art and heritage preservation. A charismatic leader, an office-devoted heirer than the best and greatest father in history.Especially thanks to the help of his wife, Camilla, he knew how to impose his personality, It is passionate and creative. "

This delightful mention of Duchess of Cornwall did not fall into the ear of the deaf. On November 14th, Elizabeth II not only sang his son, but also Camilla,, It will become increasingly clear that the Queen's title will be earned when the Crown Prince of Wales honors Charles III. The subtle highlights of His Majesty the Emperor demonstrate that you have learned to appreciate.

"Rare woman ". This is how the Queen sanctioned Camilla in the early 90s., The relationship with Charles headlines and raises a well-adjusted media revenge on Lady Diana. After the divorce of a 1996 Wales spouse and the death of Diana on 31 August 1997, Elizabeth II refuses to meet her son's mistress.I shook the crown seriously. Relaxation in 2002Impressed by the physical strength of Camilla, who was able to cope with the press conference, His Majesty officially invited him to the Golden Jubilee. The ruler will eventually let lovers marry in 2005.

Since then, the diligent Duchess of Cornwall, whom she could meet with the people she met, did not disappoint her. On this November 14, the Queen knew she needed to know something else …

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