Wednesday , March 29 2023

Christopher Nolan doesn’t mind seeing Dunkirk and Tenet over the phone.


Christopher Nolan recently argued that it doesn’t matter if you watch. Dunkerque or caution On the phone screen.

In the summer of 2020, this year’s film Messiah is expected to be the savior of the film in the midst of the epidemic caused by Corona 19. caution It was half a failure in the theater. Christopher Nolan’s new film, which has raised $353 million in the global box office, including $56 million in domestic territories with a budget of over $200 million, was not the tsunami Warner Brothers expected. It is not even the theater savior the exhibitors expect.

Nevertheless, filmmakers weren’t happy with this result, even though the studio feared the worst as compared to the producer’s reaction. The great guardian of the cinematic experience on the big screen, Nolan insisted that his films were not released on streaming platforms, Even if it means being sacrificed in the midst of a plague.

PictureTenet’s explosion at the box office Warner expected…

Used as a crash test for all other $200 million blockbusters Half failure caution It caused a huge smoke in Hollywood. Specifically, Disney has completely canceled Marvel’s stage 4 acting or theater release. soul, The last Pixar was demoted to Disney+. Mulan. However, Nolan is not against movies that are not seen in the theater.

Indeed, in a new book for a trilogy director Dark knight And D’Interstellar, Surprised transformation, Christopher Nolan asked questions regularly asked when he was released. Dunkerque Does he have problems with people watching? Dunkerque On the phone screen? comment :

“No, I don’t, but the reason I don’t have it is because the movie is released in large theaters either in basic form or in early distribution. If you have an iPad and watch a movie, experience is spreading enough to extrapolate it with knowledge and understanding of what that movie experience would be like. So when you see something on your iPad, your brain is in a completely different state. ”

PictureSurprised fan who doesn’t want to hear about Dunkirk on the laptop screen…

So contrary to what many people believe Christopher Nolan doesn’t care if you watch movies like: Dunkerque and caution On the phone, Because there is no question of living a movie experience in this kind of state of mind and you fully know it.

In the meantime, to see what we think caution, Christopher Nolan’s latest film.

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