Wednesday , April 14 2021

Goji berries … Too rich in pesticides!

Tired, low tone, cold … and hip-hop, some goji berries boost again? Maybe … But if this miracle fruit is advocated as a super health food, you can concentrate too much pesticide. This is displayed by the Belgian analysis of the site Purchase Test Magazine witnessed 60 million consumers. In fact, the authors analyzed 30 products in the lab to quantify the presence of pesticides. Fine, 10 packages of 15% goji berries contain at least one trace of pesticides in excess of the maximum residue limit (MRL) set in Europe. "There are up to 14 traces of insecticides and only 5 of them are not present at all. "Organic brands have approved three organic packages that do not exceed the maximum limit and have not got better results.

Of the products tested:

  • Bio-Auto (Bio, no residue)
  • Cereal by nature (bio, 8 residues detected in excess of MRL)
  • Lidl's Goji Bessen (detected debris, not exceeding MRL)
  • I like nuts and fruits in Carrefour (8 residues not exceeding MRL)
  • Linwoods (14 residues were detected without exceeding MRL)
  • Maison Roucadil, Bio source (organic label, no residue)
  • Nu3 (bio, 5 residues do not exceed MRL)

Should I avoid strawberries?

If insecticides are present in many of the analyzed goji bowls, they do not necessarily have to be dangerous doses and will soften Belgian authors. "Residue pesticides that exceed legal limits do not necessarily represent a hazard. Two of the analyzed products were recovered. "This fruit is not necessarily of healthy interest and cost without avoiding it.

sI am looking for easy tips. To enrich the diet with fiber or vitamins, it is much cheaper and more profitable to use a fresh or dried fruit to enrich the diet, but it is good for local and seasonal reasons. Black currant, raisins, blueberries, and raspberries are as abundant as goose berries in all elements and can be used throughout the year in frozen sections.

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