Thursday , March 30 2023

Marco Olivier Hodziel tearfully listened to his family's testimony.


Show guest Tea or coffee on France 2Marc-Olivier Fogiel tried to shed tears when he heard testimonies from relatives.

On November 3, 2018, Marc-Olivier Fogiel was a guest of Catherine Ceylac. Tea or coffee Broadcast France 2 Talk about his book. What does my family have?. As her family said to her in a few words, the host surprised the owner of the RTL. "Marc-Olivier is always extremely responsible. The character of Marco is the power of the character. He will not leave you a problem. He does not work in half and is intense.His sister Marianne, a cardiologist by profession, said.

"I thought that I wanted to be taller and taller since I was a kid. He is a thick and strong man. Anyone in your family can call him at 2 in the morning, he will be there. He is a good person, but he can control it anyway."His brother, Jean-David, added a new role for his brother, his father."I think he is happy now, he is not always present but he is. His priority is his family. He is a cake dad and does not want to enter into a binding educational logic. I leave it to my husband instead."Sister's Share:"He could not be a father, he was incomplete, and he could be totally confident. Protective Daddy, as soon as you move your toes, you must blow a little tear and get a little bit right!"Marc-Olivier Fogiel, a beautiful love experience that spilled some tears.

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