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Oise: Maeva (15 years old), crossing tracks at Clairoix

"It's a true drama, I have a girl of the same age, I do not know how to react when such an accident happens," a neighbor crossing Clairoix (Oise) sighs in front of the entire continental region.

Monday, early evening, Maëva (15) was hit by a freight train. This teenager was accompanied by a big brother and a friend when the tragedy came.

Human traces of mistakes are preferred.

According to the first testimony collected by the generals of the Compiègne Study Brigade, the traces of human error are favored. The barrier has been lowered and lane access is prohibited. Mavera would have waited for the train to pass through the door. Except that the second came in the opposite direction. She did not see him.

Train drivers clearly signaled pedestrians, but they could not avoid the shock. It was 8:05 pm. Immediately the railway traffic was stopped and the place frozen until the investigators and helper arrived.

Heart cells for the family

Driver, pedestrian, neighbor … all heard. "This pizza landlord intervened quickly," said the neighbor.

Market (SE), Laurent Portebois arrived at 8:15 pm "It's a terrible thing, I'm still having difficulty recovering, as a market, we have not been trained to face it." Psychological cells have been installed for families who have arrived quickly, Some young firefighters had trouble with the scene, and the train driver who was so shocked turned into a colleague. Traffic could be resumed around 11 pm.

The barrier was lowered.

"The audit is complete, the two barriers are well lowered, the light and sound signals worked well, there was no violation of security," says SNCF Mobilités Haut-de-France.

According to this book, the last fatal accident of this book dates back to the early 2000s. "A teenager scooter ignored the barrier," he recalled.

No pedestrians available

This crossing is part of the national security program. It is at risk but only considered for trucks. We could not pass more than 7 tons in a month. After all, all the trucks will stop being trapped in the track.

So for pedestrians, the SNCF Mobilités emphasizes, "The aisle is not identified as dangerous." As with cars, you must adhere to the rules of highway rules. Laurent Portebois regrets, "I can not make any adjustments when considering the place."

A village in turmoil

After the drama, Clairoix is ​​in turmoil. The quest has started to help your family. Maeva lived in the Tambouraines area with volunteers mother, father, grandfather and sister. She will be in first grade at Pierre-d 'Ailly High School in Compiègne.

Some of her teachers at Claude-Debussy College still remember her as a "reserved but volunteer", "cute and friendly" student. One of them remembers embezzling it last week. "She greeted everyone, and she smiled, and on Facebook her friends and relatives gave her sad news and gave her the final offer:" You were a wonderful girl who offered joy to all. "

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