Sunday , February 5 2023

Reopening on November 27th? Black Friday’s dissonance



To save businesses on Black Friday Online, the Minister of Economy announced the reopening on November 27th. Except that it’s not that easy.

According to Le Figaro, The prime minister exercised his say on November 26, the day before Black Friday. Matignon is currently working on the next rule for reconsideration: the possibility of moving and reopening the store. For the Prime Minister, this is also a way to regain control of the health crisis.

On the other side, Bercy, played by Bruno Le Meyer, announced the possibility of reopening on November 27th.

And finally, the Minister of Health said, “I don’t think the business will resume on November 27th.”

Currently, Bruno Le Maire clearly seems to have improved. Gabriel Attal recalls the decisions he made next week following the evolution of the French epidemic.

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