Sunday , April 18 2021

The government postpones the PMA after Europe.

The government postpones the PMA after Europe.

Information "Chez Pol".

The PMA waits. According to our information, a draft revision of the bioethics law, including medical assisted births for homosexuals and single women, will eventually be considered by the National Assembly after the European elections, and not by January but by government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux, . Officially, there is no political reason for this: macronie is "calendarThis postponement of Emmanuel Macron's campaign promise.

Indeed, many of these measures need to be reviewed in early 2019. "We will have a Constitutional amendment postponed this summer due to the Benalla incident, pension reform, and school law …"Says MP Xavier Breton, co-chair of the Discovery mission, but others consider it a political maneuver."I think that is to avoid heavy disputes and potential divisions in front of Europeans."Said LR agent Patrick Hetzel, who attended many hearings about mission information mission this fall on bioethics."Politically, this could fix the majority.", Commend the co-workers of the council.

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