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The researchers would have found the ideal formula for removing mosquitoes!

Researchers in the US and China have developed a strategy that combines two technologies to overcome the mosquito species vectors of many diseases. This is a problem to sterilize females, but it is also a problem to infect males with the help of bacteria.

Two years of experience

mosquito Aedes aegypti There is a tiger mosquito. (Aedes albopictus)vector Diseases such as dengue fever, chikungunya, Zika virus, and malaria. In 2016, yellow fever reoccurred in Brazil. For example, the tiger mosquito is currently installed in half of the country. Over the years, research has been conducted. Find the right path To overcome it.

Press release on July 17, 2019 I am full of promises., Michigan State University (USA), and Sun Yat-Sen University (Guangzhou, China). It is about a strategy developed in an experiment in two islands near Canton. Dengue transmission speed It is the highest in the country.

Large box containing male mosquito contaminated with bacteria of the genus Wolbachia
Credits: Michigan State University

Dual strategy

The researcher attacked. For both males and females. The former irradiates radiation to make it aseptic and the latter Bacteria in the genus Wolbachia. The latter are found in significant proportions in the reproductive organs during infection, The effect of preventing male reproduction The female is still fertile!

The results are very encouraging on both islands. In fact, the amount of mosquito eggs 94% reduction. There was also a period of no occurrence of up to 13 weeks. The existence of women, the only being able to imply human existence, has been greatly reduced. Finally, the locals found tranquility because there were reports of bites. Now much more rare.

Waterproofing and other traditional mosquito nets Show me the limits.Scientific research is rich in imagination. In February 2019 we mentioned an American study that developed an appetite suppressant. Aedes aegypti. goal? produce Satisfaction with mosquitoes, So avoid thirst.

Source: New Scientist – ABC News

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