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Two men charged and imprisoned

Benjamin Q. died at the end of a nightclub in Toulouse on Saturday morning. He will be a father. (Photo of Facebook)

A 35-year-old police officer died early Saturday morning after leaving a nightclub in Toulouse (Naut-Garde). Immediately after the incident, two men were arrested and charged and arrested before the trial. The prosecution has already declared a major suspect murder convicted several times by the courts.

Toulouse Inspector Dominique Alzeari has provided more information on the investigation into the murder of 35-year-old police officer Benjamin Q. Toulouse nightclub exit. Esmeralda ", early this Saturday morning, and the oral exchange began between the factual and the main suspect about 5:30 am.

The latter was a part of a group of about 10 people who stood side by side and described as physically strong "who do boxing exercises" in front of a snack bar with Benjamin and his friends, just like everyone else. . The magistrate said there was no exchange of night clubs between Benjamin and the group to which they belong.

"The individual will definitely go back to the vehicle so that we can pick up things we do not know at the time"

Then the main suspect got angry in front of the snack bar. "He was obviously in a hurry, the salesman was abusive, he wanted to go in front of everyone,I told the prosecution."Given the evidence, the status of the victim's police officer was unknown". Benjamin then intervened, inviting, and calming this sporty physique and solid man known to perform boxing. Police officers assigned to the Brigade Specialties (BST) north of Toulouse were athletic, tall and bodybuilding fans.

The angry suspect rides in his car and opens his breast. "The individual will come back to the vehicle because it looks like we can grab an object at this stage that we do not know what it is … it causes the object to shake, , The actual explosion of violence and extreme violence against this person [Benjamin] He is very strong and muscular, especially after the boxing practice, and especially because of his comatose state and his death, especially because of the fact that he is an individual, and he is famous for other acts of violence as well as other acts, Extreme violence has been demonstrated. ", Detailed Dominique Algeria. Some witnesses did not know it at this stage of the investigation because the attacker used a blunt object to hit the victim.

A friend of the police officer was hit and could not intervene.

Benjamin then dropped to the ground and the main perpetrator of this deadly attack blew him off in the head. "When we practice boxing, martial arts, we know the risk of injecting, this shot hurts, and unfortunately"I analyzed the prosecution. A friend with Benjamin attempted to intervene, but not only the accomplices of the invaders, but also the invaders themselves.

The two defendants then fled their car. The accomplice appeared in the police station shortly after the fact. Major criminals were quickly identified, and after the investigation an investigator from the Justice Police Investigator (BRI), who was assisted by the Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC), was imprisoned. In fact, a few hours after the Earth of Mirail. The latter, 30, from Paris, came to Toulouse for boxing, and he practiced regularly.

"He came back many times."

Major suspects were sentenced eight times by the courts and imprisoned in prison for sentencing for violence. The man held the facts. He said he was right because the situation was bad. But he did not realize the extreme nature of action and the consequences of action "Dominique Alzéari said. "He has hit several times and witnesses have tried to control him.He practices combat sports and knows his dangers.This death is tragic for those who want to defend their population."He added.

Qualifications of voluntary murder remaining on the parquet floor

Occupational store owners were charged with "intentional murder" and "violence at the meeting" before they were detained on Tuesday. One of his lawyers was surprised. "Choice of heavy qualifications". "A person has been convicted before evidence."He said. dispatch.

The second defendant was investigated for "violence at the meeting" and had an unfair blow to Benjamin's friend. He was also placed in custody before trial. Prosecutors said the investigation was continuing.

Kitty is an officer companion.

Benjamin's colleagues and relatives decided to start an online kitty to help their pregnant partner. At noon this Tuesday, 161 people participated in excess of € 3,000. This pot is accessible here.

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