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What diseases should I take to fight chronic inflammation?


Fat fish, various vegetables and legumes make a balanced dish for an anti-inflammatory diet. – Pixabay / picjumbo_com

  • Chronic inflammation is the cause of many diseases, as revealed by Laetica Proust-Millon, a dietician dietitian and co-author of this book. The Big Book of Anti-Inflammatory Diet.
  • It is closely related to our lifestyle and is influenced by stress, pollution and diet.
  • By changing your eating habits by focusing on foods that have anti-inflammatory properties, you can take care of your body and health without giving up pleasure.

When you want to take care of one's health, chronic inflammation is one of the main enemies to fight. It is known to cause many diseases such as diabetes, asthma, obesity and some cancers. Among environmental factors that promote chronic inflammation, diet plays an important role. The idea is to make his refrigerator a kind of preventative natural pharmacy.

Chronic inflammation, a source of disease

But what is chronic inflammation? "Cutting your fingers creates irritation, a natural defensive process, even if the wounds swell and sore," says Laetitia Proust Millon, a dietician nutritionist who co-authored the book. The Big Book of Anti-Inflammatory DietChronic inflammation, on the other hand, is the process by which this process spreads out of the body. It is aggravated by environmental factors such as stress, indoor and outdoor pollution.
Unbalanced diet is too rich with diet, it will dirty the body.

Phenomenon that have a detrimental effect on health. "Chronic inflammation has a proven share in major killer diseases such as cancer, degenerative diseases,
Cardiovascular disease, "says Dr. Frédéric Saldmann, a cardiologist. Health without risk (Albin Michel ed.) "Alzheimer's disease, osteoarthritis, cancer,
Diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease,
Obesity or
Diseases such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis are all part of a long list of diseases related to chronic inflammation in the body, "explains Laettia Proust-Millon. Molecular psychiatry Inserm and colleagues at Montpellier University show that a diet rich in saturated fatty acids, sugar, and refined products (proinflammatory foods) is at a higher risk of depression.

Signs of chronic inflammation

In fact, how do you know if it is the object of chronic inflammation? "This is reflected in a number of symptoms that can occur elsewhere in the body," says Laetitia Proust-Millon, which is reflected in the quality of the damaged skin and hair in cases of recurrent migraine, chronic intestinal problems, or frequent acne attacks. If you are suffering regularly from an infection like infection or sinusitis, you have an inflammatory condition like this. If you do not manage it properly, it can cause chronic inflammation, "the dietitian warns.

Another sign that will not please a person is "Chronic inflammation makes aging quick and calms the wrinkles," said Dr. Saldmann, promoting skin aging. "And it causes general aging of the body. how? "Chronic inflammation causes oxidative stress: it rusts our cells a little," says Patrick Assyag, a cardiologist and vice president of the Cardiovascular Surgery Society. And aging of the arteries.

The association between chronic inflammation and overeating

And the diet is not foreign to this inflammatory process. "Some foods have proinflammatory effects, others have anti-inflammatory properties, and of course, foods that promote chronic inflammation are foods that promote type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, and obesity," says Dr. Frederic Saldmann. Frost, white bread and sweets are not our friends.

"There is a connection between chronic inflammation and edible chemical additives.
Laustia Proust-Millon. Ingestion of high sugar products promotes chronic inflammation and has a serious detrimental effect. Increased blood glucose levels produce insulin secretion, but produce reproductive insulin It is too busy to cause an inflammation process in the end.

Take care of the contents of the plate and prevent chronic inflammation

To prevent chronic inflammation, the contents of the dish must be managed. First thing to do: "Focus on foods with low GI, and advise dietitians to avoid too big changes in blood sugar." Exit Bread, pasta and white rice, we go with the full version, with low soldiers. Then you say, "You have to put a color on the plate." It is full of fruits and vegetables of all colors, anti-inflammatory nutrients, vitamins and fiber. "We restricted his red meat intake and added cardiologist Patrick Assyag.We prefer fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines) as well as dry meats, Is abundant and has anti-inflammatory action.

The quality of food is also important if it is important to consume fresh produce. "The meat labeled Bleu blanc cœur gives the animals a variety of diets that increase nutritional value and omega-3 content," says Laettia Proust-Millon. In order to decorate the dish, we use spices and fresh herbs: "Chili, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger or coriander have anti-inflammatory properties and give the kitchen a taste and flavor. On the oil side, Omega-3's richest, and olive oil, the main ingredient
Mediterranean diet. And it's fun to have a few omega-3-rich nuts to taste it. "Said the nutritionist.

Indulge and eat less.

But do not panic, switching to an anti-inflammatory diet does not blame you for a stomach-poking diet for the rest of your life. "The concept of joy is still important," says the nutritionist, "but it is not in the long run." We have to find the right balance between a healthy anti-inflammatory daily diet, but sometimes the food or food is not healthy Saladmann says, "It's not so bad if you eat greasy cheese and bacon burgers. It's a good idea to use it in conjunction with a very rich diet, especially anti-inflammatory and saturated fats. However, eating with a lawyer reduces digestive tract inflammation by 30%. Frederick Salmon, a cardiologist and nutritionist. And to reduce digestion, "you have to reduce the amount of food you eat," says Dr. Saldmann. We eat too much, but if we eat too much, the inflammation gets better. "

Dr. Assyag, a cardiologist, says, "Even if you want to make the right decision, you have to be careful about doing regular and appropriate physical activity." "Physical effort has anti-inflammatory effects."

Conversions require effort, but results are health-conscious. According to a study conducted by Inserm researchers on the relationship between diet therapy and depressive disorder, the adoption of a Mediterranean diet (rich in fruits and vegetables, fish and grains) reduced the risk of depression by 33%. This study supports the hypothesis that anti-inflammatory diets can prevent depression syndrome and depression.

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