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Bayern: Uli Hoeness wants a "mirror" after "Football Leaks".


Football Leaks: Did Bayern Munich create the Bundesliga exit? Uli Hoeness is now filing a lawsuit against the magazine "Der Spiegel".

Uli Hoeneß announces lawsuit against "Spiegel"

November 9, 2018 10:49 am: Uli Hoeneß and Bayern want news magazines. mirror Take legal action. Reason: "Football leaks" statement on the German League champions' alleged plans for the Super League and the German Bundesliga and the Champions League. To a reporter's question Saxon Newspaper The president of FC Bayern replied, "Yes, I am sure" to the question of whether to oppose the magazine.

"I do not plan on leaving the Bundesliga and going to the Super League," Hoeneß said. Likewise, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge proclaimed a week-long publication in mind. "It was discussed a couple of years ago at the International Commission and the Supervisory Board, where it was unanimously rejected," Hoeneß added. And now the mirror on the front page brings that joke. "

Uli Hoeness mirror "Insanity", and headline "betrayal" as "not true at all". President Bush also made it clear that Bayern will not join the Super League in the next few years. "There is a clear decision and there will be no attack."

Pep Guardiola contracts earlier than anticipated in Manchester City

News on November 7, 2018 at 11:54 AM: At the end of December 2015, Bayern announced that former manager Pep Guardiola will leave Munich at the end of the season. His new destination: Manchester City. But the contract was signed much earlier. The contract is the same as on October 10, 2015, two months before the official announcement. mirror "Football Leaks" reported in the public process.

Signed and fixed. Therefore, negotiations and decisions must be made much earlier. At the time of signing FCB was only two months in the season. It is amazing that almost nothing was leaked.

VIDEO: One of the most brilliant clubs of football clubs

Manchester City and Guardiola were silent, British reporters Sunday Mirror A few weeks after the divorce announcement with Bayern on citizenship changes, they deleted the story manually. All other media should ignore this message. After all, it was almost half a joke. There was no deal, and the deal was already dry.

So keeping the "Skyblues" control, the coach announcement came out about a month later. And Pep Guardiola? He is allowed and still enjoys a lot of money. In his first season he earned £ 13.5 million and the following year he earned £ 16.5 million. Lastly, he extended the coach to Bayern until 2021. His salary should certainly not have a negative impact.

English newspaper shooting for Hoeneß

November 7, 2018 8:57 AM: Now you can go from England to Säbener Road, especially towards Uli Hoeneß. As the "Daily Mail" wrote in a somewhat more energetic article, the criticism of the Bavarian president of a newly wealthy club such as Manchester City or Paris Saint Germain is simply "funny". After all, Hoeneß is a tax fraudster according to this paper. According to Manchester legend, Dick Turpin wrote in his mask: "This newspaper is in parallel with the infamous 18th Century highway.

The clubs were once again in gunfire because of the massive funding in the Middle East during the "Football Leaks" process. However, this support is considered a gift, not a loan or credit. Therefore, they do not need to be repaid. "Daily Mail" also knows the main reason for running a balanced league in the UK with four other champions over the last six years. On the other hand, it was always the same team in Italy and Germany. The Super League will only help European football.

The paper also highlights that FFP (Financial Fair Play) is responsible for ensuring that clubs like Bavaria still compete with the best clubs in Europe. The FFP meant that the top club strengthened its position. The happiness of everyone, called the "blamed German cheetah", to be a moral apostle, sees this newspaper as "a good lesson for all of us."

According to the Financial Fair rules, clubs may not spend more money than they spend. PSG made a sensation in the summer of 2017 with Brazil's Neymar record (222m / FC Barcelona) and Kylian Mbappé (180m / AS Monaco). Manchester City has been a huge investment for many years.

Rivaldo in Spain urges results for Manchester City

News from November 6, 2018 at 17:48: The UEFA Football Federation (UEFA) has urged UEFA to follow the new revelation for Manchester City to challenge the English champions. "The Mirror" reported that City had previously deceived UEFA to bypass the Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules. British newspaper <더 타임즈>"Today UEFA will intervene and enforce existing rules and enforce all necessary sanctions," said Lariga spokesman Joris Evers. "UEFA should do it and implement the FFP." Spain's criticism also applies to the French football champion Paris Saint-Germain.

According to the "Spiegel" information, the Man City sponsor of Abu Dhabi, including Etihad Airways, paid the club less than what is stated in the contract. Club owner Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan says the sponsorship has been supplemented by self-payouts. "The leak proves what we talked about in a year," Evers said.

Manchester City said it would not comment on the allegations. Coach Pep Guardiola City expressed confidence in the club at a news conference Monday. Guardiola said, "Of course they want to follow the rules." They do what they have to do. Trust me, I'm completely honest. I do not know exactly what is happening. "

According to the Times, President Javier Tebas wrote to UEFA a year ago, demanding that Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain be punished for their actions a year ago.

The European leagues have a difference with the Super League.

News from 11:48 am on November 6, 2018: The merger of the European leagues is clearly in preparation for the possibility of introducing the Super League in soccer. The European League has always voiced strong opposition to the creation of a closed super league, according to a statement released Tuesday. "Proposals for a closed super league will have a serious and lasting impact on the sustainability of European football."

"The leagues support a pyramid-based European sports model as the 32 leagues of 32 leagues with 900 clubs in 25 countries are united." The mechanisms of competition and relegation and the sporting merits of the club are at the heart of every competition. "

The consulting firm was announced to announce the introduction of the Super League in October, rather than compete with Real Madrid in the Champions League, and announced "Der Spiegel" on Friday. So 16 clubs, including FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, are expected to sign a letter later this month. Both clubs said they had no knowledge of the weekend.

Soccer leaks: Is the club illegally receiving subsidies? Monaco denied the allegations.

November 5, 2018 News from 18:22: AS Monaco has rejected a media report claiming that the football club provided millions of dollars in illegal funds to marketing companies. The club said in a statement that it contained "false information and many inaccuracies" in the statement. Other media, including "The Mirror" and the French side "Mediapart" reported that club owner Dmitri Rybolowlew, in so-called football leaks, had violated UEFA regulations by granting clubs for years.

Rybolowlew has tried to disguise illegal funds through marketing transactions through the British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong's overseas structure. Monaco has announced this despite a contract with a marketing agency. However, this contract never worked. So he was not credited to a club account.

Soccer Leak: Former Bayern coach Guardiola deceives millions of dollars

News from November 15, 2018 at 14:37: Since Paris Saint Germain and FC Bayern, British champion Manchester City continues to feel pressure. Several times since 2008, citizens owned by Abu Dhabi citizen Sheikh Mansour have forged "hot" income from sponsors and conceal their unauthorized high spending,

Infantino in the Crossfire – Is FIFA president breaking the ethics committee?

November 3, 2018, 14.05 clocks: The International Research Association reported that FIFA was nervous. Frustrated former officials have raised "false rumors and satire" against the World Football Association. FIFA is fighting again, but the new assertion against her boss, Gianni Infantino, is not direct.

FC Bayern Munich is the Bundesliga

News on November 2, 2018 at 8:00 pm: Bayern Bundesliga without Munich? Like a news magazine mirror In a new cover story ("Dirty Deals"), Bayern confirmed in February 2016 whether the Bundesliga exit was legally possible by an international law firm. And the club must send the players of the national team.

Based on the information on the online platform "Football Leaks" mirror About the secret society of some of the seven largest European clubs. For three years, FC Bayern München (more information on *), Juventus, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Arsenal FC and AC Milan have joined the UEFA's independent super league, the "European Super League" (ESL) has already started with 16 teams since the 2020/21 season.

Meanwhile, Bavaria responded to Spiegel's report. A clear refusal and clear commitment to UEFA.

On Saturday, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, chief executive officer, told Sky TV: "We are similar to UEFA in favor of Bundesliga membership and other events, I have never been questioned by you. "

On the record champion's homepage, which was released on Friday night, it already said:

The magazine "Der Spiegel" has issued issue 45 (issue 45) of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge as the chairman of the small and medium European club organization ECA treasury organized by the ECA club. "We reject it with all determination and clarity," explains Rummenigge. The vote on UEFA and ECA reforms was unanimous. The European Football Confederation (Bayern Munich) and Bayern Munich did not harm the ECA.

The so-called Super League renewal plan for "Der Spiegel" was not known either in Bayern or FC Bayern. Bayern may be listed in a document he quotes "Mirror".

"FC Bayern München is a member of the Bundesliga and also participates in a club competition hosted by UEFA, the CEO of FC Bayern, and ECA," says Karl-Heinz Rummenigge."

Spiegel: Super League plans for FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund

Super League: FC Bayern Munich plans to leave Bundesliga?

November 2, 2018, 17.37: Bayern Bundesliga without Munich? At first, what was unbelievable would have been a record champion's plan! like that mirror February 2016 Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Gerlinger has to investigate Munich after finding out how far the exit of the German league is available at the attorney's office. It's also about whether the FCB should continue to play national players! At that time, the Super League was introduced as a competitor of the Champions League in European club football. Geringer mirrorThe mental game for escaping the Bundesliga was "completely out of the game". The contract with the players must be nullified in the test. The background of the new league is always money. Game mode requires each club's annual income to exceed € 500 million! At that time, a new TV contract was signed to put more money into big clubs and guaranteed the opening of the strongest group of the four leagues of the Champions League.

Topic done? Not at all! with loud sound mirror At least the league plan is not abandoned but more specific than you think! The consulting firm said it had submitted a plan to Real Madrid in October. So 16 clubs, including FC Bayern, are expected to sign the intent letter at the end of this month. If the plan is implemented, 2021 will end in the current form of the Champions League. Such leagues for clubs are attractive. Because they can control the competition as much as they want. "The second is certainly the economic potential of the Super League," Gerringer told ARD. It is about complete marketing. "Then you can get the last thing."

Bayern mirror The "existence or content" of the draft memorandum is known to the club. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, CEO, recently interviewed the magazine 11 friends He said he expects the introduction of the European Superleague in the distant future. "I think this league will come someday, but do not ask me when."

Borussia Dortmund is one of the eliminated clubs in Germany. Hans-Joachim Watzke, executive director of BVB, did not directly address the plan. But there is a current discussion on Superliga. "Obviously, I think some big clubs in Europe are also knitting because of it." But these plans are probably "not very specific".

Reporting: Clubs can play in Superliga.

To the loud 16 clubs mirror You can play games in the Super League from 2021 (founder who can not retire).

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