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Bizarre Dreams: Valve is planned for 2019 with a new VR headset and Half Life VR.


Despite the widespread investment, Virtual Reality is still far from the mass market and can now address more users, especially on PCs. However, media coverage now makes the hearts of high-end VR experience fans even faster. Valves must plan their own PC headset, and Half-Life is planned for VR titles.

Does the valve already have a bizarre dream in the development stage?

The idea that Valve with Half-Life has the perfect title for the VR system has long forgotten the internet. New reports for fans of these mind games should now open up a new chapter. As UploadVR reports, an image of the VR headset prototype is displayed on the Imgur page and a unique valve logo is displayed on the board. I would like to find out that the test equipment for "valve mounted HMD (Head Mounted Display)" from "independent source" is actually found here.

Circle of valve VR glasses HMD prototype …
Circle of valve VR glasses … on the valve

Valve has already invested heavily in VR, but has worked with HTC to produce hardware. After the launch of the first Vive headset in 2016, partners introduced Vive Pro this year. Valve has always introduced its own hardware products in the past, so next year I think VR devices will take a new direction.

At first glance, the structure of the leaked prototype is largely consistent with what Valve and HTC have developed so far within the Vive framework. Ergonomic changes in the headset do not seem to be foreseen. The review sample has a 135-degree field of view and imports a panel similar to Vive Pro. Currently, it delivers 2,880 x 1,600 pixels at 90 Hz, but has a viewing angle of only 100 degrees.

Half-Life as Reason for Purchase

But more important than hardware innovation is the news that the valve is planning VR titles in the Half Life space with a new headset. The cult status of the battle can be how Valve gets a lot of attention for his first VR headset. Whether you are a fan of the VR title series, but can expect to see a series of long-awaited stories around Gordon Freeman, it is now completely open.

As always, such reports should be delighted very carefully. But the fact that Valve can deliver its own hardware from the VR's point of view soon seems to be very reasonable given the company's recent history. The ongoing problem of hardware partner HTC can also play an important role here. Half-Life has been the title of Valve in the past and is distinguished by technological innovation and playful innovation. This philosophy goes well with VR titles.

Valve, prototype, HMD, VR headset, circuit board
Valve, prototype, HMD, VR headset, circuit board

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