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Corona researchers have succeeded in discovering important viruses, an important component that was previously overlooked.


The novel coronavirus has been investigated by researchers on individual components for months. You can fight more efficiently. Now it became clear. Important genes have not been discovered for a long time.

  • Thanks to research, much is already known about the coronavirus.
  • Now experts have discovered another gene that can play an important role in this epidemic.
  • It is not surprising that this has been overlooked so far.

Munich-sometimes it takes months or years. Specific attribute Find out who is well known to us. This often makes them all even more amazing. Even now, when I was embarrassed researcherWith whom Novel coronavirus * employ. SARS coronavirus 2 Dissect and investigate thoroughly *. To discover the secret covid-19-Reach the bottom of pathogens.

Because the expert decoded it in the middle Europe’s second pandemic It is a component of the virus that has been completely hidden so far. This is a hidden gene. Duplicate genes Or “gene of another gene”. These are difficult to identify, but they are more meaningful. Because they can The main role of virus generation Influence their fights

Coronavirus Study: Newly Discovered Gene Brings Strong Antibody Response

As the name suggests, the genes discovered now ORF3d Based on previous knowledge Strong antibody response in Covid-19 patients Outside. Researchers collaborated with Chase W. Nelson Elf store Posted but unknown. An expert from Taiwan’s Academia Sinica explains: “The duplicate gene could be coronavirus. Efficient replication Activation and Host immunity * Hindrance. “

That is why the latest discoveries may also be considered an opportunity. Duplicate gene function Can make us easier Coronavirus control, About antiviral drugs. First vaccine Several months of small work at pharmaceutical companies around the world have already passed all the testing stages successfully Specific plan for distribution Cycle.

New Possibilities in Fighting Corona: Researchers have found duplicate genes in the virus structure.


Coronavirus study: ORF3d probably won’t lead to the release of T cells

Nelson and his colleagues can now tackle the next low blow to the coronavirus. No more yet ORF3d properties Everyone knows. But the gene T cell secretion It can directly destroy cells infected with the virus. British researchers previously T cells for Sars-CoV-2 It still reacts after 6 months. An amazing revelation Another encourager Can serve.

Experts on how to handle A life-threatening opponent So it’s always wise. It is said that he has only 15 genes. The success of Nelson and Co. was even more important. The first scientist at the American Museum of Natural History emphasizes: Don’t recognize overlapping genes, dangerIt overlooks an important aspect of viral biology. “

Nelson himself also discloses notable assets on his homepage. He calls himself “The Singing Scientist”, Appears as a stage actor and plays the saxophone. Maybe soon it will be a new time Victorious country. (mg) * is part of the nationwide network of Ippen-Digital editors.

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