Sunday , November 28 2021

Depart with the announcement! Until Denise Serves Me


Farmer Denise threw Till.

Till: “I hope you are satisfied with your decision”

Organic farmer Denise Till is very visually appealing, but justifies the deportation by saying “you simply are not the right type for my life.” Sascha shines and Till looks silly in the laundry. The tattooed Mucki man said, “I have to accept it. I hope you are happy with your decision.”

Until I say another goodbye

Before Till takes a taxi home, he knocks on one. Should Denise & Sascha be the dream couple? Not for the disappointed Till. He thank farmer Denise for the “great time”, but he really gets involved when we say goodbye. “I won’t bet it will last long with you.” In the video, you can see what the lifeguard still has to say and how Denise and Sascha respond to Till’s goodbye.

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