Sunday , April 18 2021

Heidi Klum: Tom and some dancing

What do you think?
Heidi Klum
(45) and
Tom Cowitz
(29, Tokio Hotel)? Supermodels star answered questions from Instagram account: Dazzle!

In this not so short video, a couple who were officially together for over six months practice pair dancing in the living room. Tom definitely likes to laugh, but Heidi is very clear in terms of training, saying, "Do not stop again, please, come on, come on!" She motivates her lover.

"Look how good you are already!" She fires a rather awkward Tom, who does not feel comfortable on the floor. But Heidi's ambitious Klum is not Heidi if she can be detained too soon. So she goes to one more motivational level: "Continue, continue, do not stop, do not stop, do not stop, continue, continue, […] Yes, yes! "

The big question is, of course, which events will be practiced here enthusiastically. Comments are already about wedding dancing …

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