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Is it better than Sonos One? : Echo Plus 2 Sub



Echo Sup is a giant compared to the smaller Echo Plus 2, but you can hide it in the corner as a subwoofer.

Echo Sup is a giant compared to the smaller Echo Plus 2, but you can hide it in the corner as a subwoofer.(Photo: kwe)

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Klaus Wedekind

Amazon launches the Echo Sub subwoofer with 2nd generation Echo Plus. Speakers work together to form a strong team and can even replace Sonos One.

The smart Amazon speakers were convinced from the beginning with the relatively talented voice assistant Alexa, but the sound was not at all ordinary. Sonos One proves that things are much better and even shows Apple's Homepod teeth in testing. But now there's Echo Plus 2 with Echo Sub, Amazon's alternative to great sound.

My chest waved wide.

Only the new Echo Plus alone sounds better than the predecessor. It's bigger and uses 20 millimeters of tweeter and 76 millimeters of woofer to deliver a very crisp and beautiful bass. Also on the bass he went much stronger to the same point as the first Echo Plus. It's real depth, but it's new. This is not surprising in its compact size, and it is surprising that a small 15 centimeter small object has such a wide chest.

For voice recognition, Echo Plus 2 has seven microphones.

For voice recognition, Echo Plus 2 has seven microphones.(Photo: kwe)

This is where the Echo Sub plays. Echo Plus not only complements and perfectly complements Echo Plus 2 visually. The subwoofer has a downward-facing 15 centimeter speaker and produces a powerful 100 watt sound. Alexa app Plus and Sub are connected quickly and the difference is huge. The room is strong, but there is no exaggerated bass and the sound is much richer than without the sub.

"Alexa, less bass!"

Coupling with the Echo Plus 2 subwoofer to match the speaker team reduces low frequencies. Nevertheless, the service is a bit more powerful, but it is not a problem. You can tell Alexa that you simply need to reduce the bass. Of course the opposite is also possible. You can also find equalizers in Alexa Apps that allow you to manually adjust the height, mid, and minimum.

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This duo can be easily recorded with Sonos One. From the medium and sharpness, it can not quite keep up. But there are more treasures in the bass, and voice control is much better in Amazonian doubles. The command is still understood in noisy music and has many more features such as an integrated Zigbee Bridge that allows you to control your phone or smart home device directly.

One Sonos Cheap

The price again is the front of Sonos One, about 220 euros. Echo Plus 2 costs € 150 and Echo Sub costs € 280. The subsystem can also combine two Echo Plus 2 and 2.1 systems. The total price is 480 euros. Sonos double is about 430 euros.

In general, Echo Plus 2 is a great choice for users who want to enjoy all the benefits of Alexa with Echo Sub, but who want a great sound with a powerful base. If the sound is all, the depth of the Sonos One will be less, but better. You can also access more streaming services from this system.

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