Thursday , March 30 2023

Leipzig's Green Party General Assembly: Ska Keller is the most popular candidate in the European election.


Greens, along with Ska Keller and Sven Giegold, have emerged as major candidates for next year's European elections. Two MEPs were elected overwhelmingly on Saturday at the Leipzig General Assembly. Keller won 87.6% of the vote and topped the European list Giegold (97.9%).

Keller spoke in front of 800 delegates to the decisive confrontation with the right-wing populist that Democratic Europe is threatened. "Right-wing nationalists want to destroy Europe."

Also, the next generation can not say that politics did not prevent climate change. Europe should quickly get out of coal to the recycling economy, Keller said. "We have only one planet." The delegation also named Keller the top candidate for European Greens. At 36, he had a good chance to be elected in Berlin in two weeks.

Giegold, 48, campaigned in front of Social Europe delegations. "Europe means to each other, not to each other." In his belligerent speech, he added: "We want the right Europe, we just want Europe."

In the draft election program, next May European elections will be called "direction selection". In particular, Greens requires "minimum CO2 prices" for industrial plants and plastic taxes on disposable products. The Green Party also wants to make the EU "guarantor of social rights".

Previous process of Congress:

Green is a "safe country of origin"

In addition to the personnel decision, on Saturday, the delegation adopted a chapter on the European Parliament's program on asylum and migration, which is a misleading measure of national security as a country of origin. "It also does not speed up the process, we believe the principle is wrong." Instead, a more secure asylum procedure requires "staffing and prioritization". Forced withdrawal failed because there was no consent to repatriation.

Spokesman Greens also makes parliamentary decisions on "closed mass concentration camps in the European Union" against transit regions and European satellite camps in countries outside the European Union. They also refuse to support the "oppressive regime" along the escape route. Instead they require a legal escape route. Refugees must be enrolled in the EU's external borders and must provide initial accommodation. After comparing the data, I would like to see that green is distributed to other EU countries.

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