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"Lions Cave": Nils Glagau joins as a lion.


From September 4th, a popular inventor shows that you can see "The Cave of the Lions" again on VOX. GALA comes with a TV format and provides information about the pitch, startups and news about the program.

Lions Cave 2018: All the latest news about the show

November 17: A new lion comes.

In 2019, another lion joined six investors. next
Castenmass Meyer
Judith Williams
, 46,
Dagmar Ulleh
, 64, Ralf Dümmel, 51,
Frank Tetren
, 43, Ph.D.
Georg Kopler
, 61, and Nils Glagau when VOX is announced on the foundershow website. Read who is the new lion here.

November 14: Transaction in 11th episode

Three out of six companies closed down on Tuesday evening in the 11th episode. No lion can inspire the inventor of "Poolathlete", a sports equipment for endurance swimming in a small swimming pool. Even the mediator app for Dog Walker "Walkie App" is no more convincing than the "Klostervogt Hartwig" vinegar sauce. However, the subject of food was well received in this episode, and the founder of "YFood" (liquid food) went home through the transaction. Frank Thelen was convinced of this idea and provided 20% of its stake for € 200,000. This product is also interesting for Dagmar Wöhrl. With Ralf Dummel investor, she offered $ 200,000 for 25%. Two young new founders decided to go with Thelen's suggestion. Ralf Dümmel should not be the only investment opportunity for the evening. The lion took the insect repellent hangar "CAPSAir" directly and invested it with the Carsten Maschmeyer in the "Aktimed" kiss tape.

Wolfgang Streblow (l.) And Jürgen Hartwig is fully immersed in his role as a founder, and is dressed in a monastic garment, so that the lions can cope properly. But can you convince investors of your product?

Wolfgang Streblow (l.) And Jürgen Hartwig is completely immersed in his founding role. Despite the monk's clothes, they eventually could not persuade investors in the 11th episode.

November 12: We will be in the Lions Cave.

Jürgen Hartwig (63) and "Brother" Wolfgang Streblow (64) are behind the company. In order to sell products in a particularly clear way, two founders of "Klostervogt" have appeared as monks and introduce Darguner sources. It is a refined vinegar sauce with wine. Jürgen Hartwig writes, "Entrepreneurs are now using the trend to say," We have developed a new product that adapts to the current situation. "Apple cider vinegar is divided into two types: white wine and red wine. Vinegar should also encourage digestion and welfare. With the help of investors, "monks" want to recreate vinegar as a trend food for the market, which will cost 20,000 euros You have to provide 20%. Will the lion taste?

Ralph Dümmel

"Lions Cave"

But Ralf Dummel and the oppressed trash can do nothing.

August 11, 2018

But other companies try to persuade investors and return home through transactions. Sabine Kroker, a physical therapist, needs a 10% to € 150,000 to promote a special athletic tape called "Aktimed" in the market. The same is true of the founder of YFood. They are ready to give their drinks a 10% share, so you can swiftly and completely change a complete meal. But you need 200,000 euros.

November 7: And the winner is …

… again founder form "The Lives of Lions". The show once again demonstrated VOX's outstanding ratings and on Tuesday, November 6, 2008, it had a 13.8 percent market share among viewers aged 14 to 59. VOX broadcasts achieved a market share of 17.6% in the target group between the ages of 14 and 49. This show not only attracted viewers to the screen, but also inspired them to participate in enjoyable discussions. "The Lives of the Lions" was again one of the main topics on Twitter. The hash tag #DHDL was first seen again in German trends.

The lion is divided.

Why vegan food is better for dogs.

July 11, 2018

However, both founders of Vinh-Nghi Tiet and Wolfgang Kleiner have won. They were able to convince Carsten Maschmeyer and Ralf Dümmel lion with "aspUraclip", an ergonomic clip made of medical silicone that was inserted directly into the copper and sprayed with essential oils. Impressive Maschmeyer and Dümmel in the device and rough negotiations campaign invested a million in the company. In exchange, there was 25% of stock.

October 31: The next transaction exploded.

Again the transaction ruptured. In yesterday's program, Andreas Widmann earned a total of € 750,000 with "RoadAds Interactive". In addition to Georg Koffler, Carsten Maschmeyer came back because the entrepreneur and his truck advertising ad pleased investors. But Widmann has not given up and is convinced Maschmeyer exactly. "As you continue to fight, I am fascinated by you. […] You are a superstar and have tremendous potential. "Ultimately, Kopler won € 250,000, € 16.66 and Masméry € 8,353, € 250,000. It was a great deal for the founders, but not after the broadcast. But we still have very good contact with both the investor and the team, "Andreas Widman said in Bild. It is not the only case where transactions are discontinued after the record ends, and some transactions have not materialized this season.

October 25: Founder show "DHDL" again prime-time market leader

The market share of 13.9% between the ages of 14 and 59 and the age of 16.9 between the ages of 14 and 49 (2.84 million viewers from the age of 3) are the "episode of the eighth episode of season 5" (October 23) "Is once again a sure leader in prime time. "Young Lions' Cave" was strong again among the young lions. 18.6%, aged 14-29, followed talks with founders and investors Karsten Mashmeyer, Frank Tetren, Dagma Waller, Ralph Dumel and Judith Williams. Dr. Georg Kofler

October 24: "Curaluna" Burst Deal

Investors were very annoyed with the diaper sensor "Curaluna", but Carsten Maschmeyer invested because it did not work well and the founder praised the company's reputation. The entrepreneur has two founders, Dr. Frank Steinmetz and Christoph Hohl paid an additional 50,000 euros (25.1%) for product development. The founder accepted the proposal. However, when it was revealed, the transaction was stopped after the show was over.

This is because Maschmeyer's terms of trade, patents and conceptual proof of diaper sensors have not been met. As the "Maschmeyer Group" told GALA, at the time of the broadcast there was a similar product called "Opro9 brand" by Cvilux, an electronics maker already in Taiwan. "Because there is no patent or proof of concept for CuraLuna, they are not realized as announced in the program," they say. Maschmeyer as well as the crowd was angry about the net today.

Founders Frank Steinmetz and Christoph Hohl

Founders Frank Steinmetz and Christoph Hohl

October 18: "Kuchentratsch" makes a hard lion very soft.

Which cake is best? right! A man of Omi. And this is Katharina Meyer, 28, who founded her company "Kuchentratsch". The company employs 35 grandmothers and grandfathers, who produce delicious cakes at the Munich bakery. The good thing about it: retirees not only get something for the job but also go to people. Exchange between youth and the elderly. This leaves a deep impression on the enthusiastic Leo Frank Thelen. "Teens help older generations and impress me."
Young entrepreneurs do not deal with Thelen, but deal with Carsten Maschmeyer and Dagmar Wöhrl. Together they invest in "Kuchentratsch" – 10% is 100,000 euros. Deal – less for money, more for heart!

October 11: Discount Burst! This is called "Design Bubbles"

The media attention to the fine candles of "Design Bubbles" is excellent. Dagmar Wöhrl proposed to Katharina Baumann. Kati agreed, but the deal was not realized. This has confirmed the previous business student GALA by phone. But do not panic! From Dagur
The young businessman found a great strategic partner and cooperation really started to happen. "I am very happy with the development with "Design Bubbles"! We now have B2B as our core business. Soon there will be a personalized brand and collaboration with brands of different brands of champagne"Opposite GALA is founder Katharina Baumann.

October 10: A lot of excitement about "Design Bubbles"

"Is it really a revolutionary idea?" Today there are a lot of viewers on the net. Katharina Baumann, founder of yesterday's broadcast, convinced investors through a company called "Design Bubbles", especially Dagmar Wöhrl. Katie and she called herself and eventually ended the deal. Other entrepreneurs were enthusiastic about the founder and her product. Even if Wöhrl wanted to invest in the end. This surprised the crowd because the price of the product was high in part. Clipping for 79 Euros Champagne bottle of candles – a true luxury product that has not been affordable for all design lovers. So, today, Facebook users are angry that some essential products like edible straw are seemingly "not useful" but have not invested already. "Once again, the typical thing is not for environmental protection, but half of the candles, Champusbulle can not understand me, and I think it's a long, unnecessary product. Some important comments. But despite many criticisms, users ultimately point out: "There is definitely a market."

October 2: Dog leash, financial application and growing furniture – this awaits you in episode 5

Lions' caves will resume in the evening. Investors Carsten Maschmeyer, Frank Thelen and Co, who start at 8:15 pm, want a good start. Five companies are trying to position themselves and convince the lion of the product tonight. Among them are the founders of Alexander and Benjamin Michel. For their financial apps "financial experts" they need 1 million euros. They are willing to offer 10% of the business. Is it really a treat to Lions? Otherwise, founder Brando Valencia is already in the starting block and there is the old towing vehicle Annemarie Heyl. Heyl visited "The Cave of the Lions" with the company "Kale & Me" in 2016. There was no investment at that time in cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices, but there was good advice.

Tim Ley (l.) And Jérome Glozbach de Cabarrus introduce lions in their thoughts on "GOLEYGO". For 500,000 euros and 25.01%, they want to boost their business with special dog leashes.

Tim Ley (l.) And Jérome Glozbach de Cabarrus introduce lions in their thoughts on "GOLEYGO". For 500,000 euros and 25.01%, they want to boost their business with special dog leashes.

Today she has 25 employees. Brando Valencia is one of them. With "Chia-Bowl" he goes his own way as a joint venture with "Kale & Me". To get his chia pudding chilled from spices such as turmeric, vanilla, cinnamon or peppermint in a refrigerated showcase in a supermarket, he needs 150,000 euros. In return, he offers 10%. How the two companies will fare, you will learn tonight. There are also "Flippokids" (children's furniture), "Diamond Blading" (especially eyebrows permanent makeup) and "GOLEYGO" (dog leash with magnetic lock).

September 26: Episode 4 deals.

Last night investors stepped back a little. "Sleeperoo" and "Ello" have signed a contract with "Waschies" and are now actively supported by entrepreneurs. (Gala, by the way, test the make-up and wash the pad "Waschies".) Many other ideas of the founder did not get the score after all. For example, "Smicies": I rarely know the lion on the back of extravagant candy. Frank Thelen & Co scared before Judith Williams's taste and consistency.

start Technology invest deal
"TwerXout" Fitness in Twerken & Exercise EUR 50,000 for 10% no
"Sleeperoo" A night miracle 20% to 250,000 euros Yes, with Dagmar Wöhrl 25.1%
"Smicies" A stylish snack 15% to 50,000 euros no
"Hello" Innovative electric excavator € 250,000 for 10% Yes, Carsten Maschmeyer and Dr. Georg Kofler, € 350,000, 30%
"Gearfix" Technology Leasing Platform EUR 300,000 for 10% no
"Waschies" Reusable makeup and wash pads EUR 50,000 for 10% Yes, with Ralf Dümmel 20%

September 25: Set, brilliant, washed.

The founder will re-enter "The Cave of the Lions" at 8:15 pm Among them are founders Kristina Markstetter and Rimma Banina. They want to join the fitness industry with the start "twerXout". Can a dance teacher and a fitness trainer start a new athletic trend with her product and inspire 10% of the lions at 50,000 euros? Caroline Schuberth and Marcella Müller from Bavaria also use wash pad "Waschies" in front of investors. Their inventions – high-tech fibers – make wet wipes and make-up removal lotion unnecessary. The fourth episode has food. Using "Smicies", two candidates in Leipzig want to offer a healthy alternative to sweet candy and chewing gum. Their "Snackolution" is now available in three flavors: Italian pizza, cheese gratin, and bacon pita. For 50,000 euros, entrepreneurs offer a 15% stake.

September 19: The biggest deal in "Lions Cave" history

In the third episode of "Lions Cave" there was a big suggestion: "Smart sleep", a combination of nutrients for better and more comfortable sleep, has shown and attacked investors. For the first time in program history, the founder had to go out to the room so that investors could negotiate peacefully. Result: All Lions are "Smartsleep" founders. Markus de Worac. He could not refuse Carsten Maschmeyer's deal with Ralf Dümmel. Instead of asking for € 250,000 for 10%, we provided € 1.5 million for 33% of the company. But other products have attracted interest.

start Technology invest deal
& # 39; Smart Sleep & # 39; Nutritional Concentration for Restful Sleep € 250,000 for 10% Yes, with Carsten Maschmeyer and Ralf Dümmer € 1.5 million, 33%
"Dot on Art" Adhesive shop makes work directly EUR 100,000 for 20% Yes, with Dr. Georg Kofler 30%
"Bugfoundation" Insect burger 7.5% to 225,000 euros no. Founders offset Dagmar Wöhrl's proposal by 20% over € 300,000.
"Plankpad" Interactive bodyweight trainer 15% to 50,000 euros Yes, with Ralf Dümmel 25%
"The Sims Character" The world's smallest patient simulator EUR 1,000,000 for 10% no

By the way :
»Gala tested" Smartsleep ", the largest DHDL deal
»Plankpad: Gala tests your home fitness board.

September 18: It is what they expect from the third episode.

The third episode of "Lions Cave" has some real innovations. The idea that you can have on your own: "Smartsleep". Dr. Markus Dworah (age 37) filled a perfect glass of water with a small glass bottle. With "Smartsleep" and years of research, Harvard Graduate School is committed to contributing to better sleep. Does he give 250,000 euros to one of the lions? He offers 10% of the company's shares. It is also likely to be the pitch of "Bugfoundation" and "Sim Characters" (patient simulator). The former requires an enterprise valuation of 3 million euros for insect burgers and wants to give up only 7.5% of the company's shares, but the lion can change the world to 1 million euros. Lions to Meet Baby Paul: The Smallest Patient Simulator in the World. In almost all respects, Paul is a premature child of 27 weeks of pregnancy and saves the child's life. Paul allows doctors to manage premature babies under realistic conditions.

There will be reunions with Oliver Elsoud and Frank Schmischke, as well as the founders of Ismail and Hüsnü Özkanli from Berlin, who are happy to be present.

September 13: The second episode is tweet

On TV, the founder fights to deal with the lion, and the social media community is closely following the event on Twitter. Here, the idea is as obscene as highly praised. However, many users follow a large picture and provide a complete summary of the 240-character episode.

September 12: Persuading the audience in "Lions Cave"

VOX reported that the station was able to convince the successful form of the "Lions Cave" again and became the winner of the day on Tuesday. A total of 3 million viewers (from age three) were the second most prolific number of 12 new episodes in the fifth season and were the definitive market leader in Prime Time in the target groups from 14 to 59 and 49. Further evidence that the founder's show has arrived at the viewer is that the program has secured the first place in the German trend on the social network Twitter for hash tag #DHDL. "Ruwi Multi-Rake" and "Spooning Cookie Dough" were well received by users, but the Austrian Startup "Trinity" received a lot of criticism from the Internet community.

start Technology invest deal
"Trinity" Modular clothing with zip € 500,000 for 10% no
"Daisy grip" The first sanitary vein to be cleaned EUR 100,000 for 10% Yes, with Carsten Maschmeyer
"Ruwi multi-rake" Gardening Tools 8-in-1 30% 80,000 euro Yes, with Ralf Dümmel.
"Furryfit" Activity and Health Tracker for Dogs € 200,000 for 15% no
"Pazls" Patent technology Self-adhesive furniture EUR 400,000 for 20% Yes, with Frank Thelen 25%
"Spoon cookie dough" Pastry batter for spoon 15% to 210,000 Yes, with Dagmar Wöhrl and Ralf Dümmel 38% and working capital

September 11: Episode 2 deals for these reasons are needed.

Can brothers Micha (l.) And Bonn's Jona Neubert score with ideas for dog lovers among the lions? In the case of "furryfit", we would like 200,000 euros and give 15% of the shares.

Can brothers Micha (l.) And Bonn's Jona Neubert score with ideas for dog lovers among the lions? In the case of "furryfit", we would like 200,000 euros and give 15% of the shares.

At 8:15 pm, ambitious founders are fighting for Lions investment. After the investor of the first episode enters the good mood from one transaction to the next, the candidate for the second episode can be liked as a lion delighted with the investment. Maybe when the evening ended, dr. Medical School. Konstantin Altrichter (26) and industrial engineer Carl Hartman (26) from Los Angeles. Through the company's "daisygrip," they both have less to do with preventing pathogens and saving human lives. Will Judith Williams, Carsten Maschmeyer and Co have a 10% stake and will invest 100,000 euros in the starter? Or did Rudolf Wild, the inventor of "Ruwi Multi-Rake" make a reservation? The inventor of the 79-year-old all-in-one gardening apparatus is the oldest founder who was standing before the "Lions". Founders also compete with Lions with modular furniture ("Pazls"), biscuits ("Spooning Cookie Dough"), intelligent dog accessories ("furryfit") and innovative clothing ideas ("Trinity").

September 10: Is Judith Williams really falling down?

"Lions Cave" is hard to imagine without Judith Williams, 45 years old. Since the first episode, the entrepreneur was part of the investor ensemble, not only to the co-investors, but also to the crowd in front of the screen. In an interview with GALA, she shows that the founder's fans are soon to do without emotional cancer.

Judith Williams is in charge.

Does she really come from "The Cave of the Lions"?

"Lions Cave" is hard to imagine without Judith Williams. Entrepreneurs entertain not only the co-investors but also the crowd in front of the screen. Do they have to meet soon without Mrs. William?

© Gala

September 7: Successful transaction, broken transaction

The first episode of "The Cave of the Lions" was a complete success. The green is abundant and the lion is hot. So some deals came out on the show. Frank Brorman's "Calligraphy Cut" is over one million euros. However, not all shakes in the show will lead to substantial investment after the TV deal. Exclusive LED mosaic wall "Volatiles" found a lion interested in the show with Carsten Maschmeyer (59). As a result, the transaction earned more than half a million euros in 20% of the company's stake. The founders Florian Nuebling and Maschmeyer did not come together.

September 5: In episode 1, Lions were surprised by the big deal.

On Tuesday, "Lions Cave" finally came to its fifth season. The lions were very enthusiastic about the new founders themselves in the first episode and just finished an interesting deal. (One of them, "Catch >> Up," already tested GALA.) When the episode ended, there was a big bang. Absolute mega deals over one million euros. If you are expecting a lot of initial capital and other products and ideas to be introduced, read here.

Carsten Maschmeyer, Judith Williams, Frank Thelen, Dagmar Wöhrl and Ralf Dümmel are VOX's "The Cave of the Lions" season five-week jury.

Lion's Cave

How does the transaction actually affect investors?

September 4, 2018

GALA interviews with entrepreneur Carsten Maschmeyer are recommended if you want to know more about "Lions Caves", investments and one of the Lions. From it he shows himself in his soft, emotional aspect as in the founder's show. Incidentally, as he says, he sees this as one of his essential strengths. "Emotional Intelligence" decides what investment is possible because it calls a person who is 59 years old. After all, they are displayed as synonyms for the entire package.

start Technology invest deal
">> Catch" Apparatus for attaching vacuum cleaners to collect objects (such as earrings) EUR 100,000 for 35% Yes, with Ralf Dümmel.
"Jacky F." Meat substitution in Jackfoot 26 million euros for 10% no
"Swedish case" Sportswear for cheerleaders 18 million euros for 15% no
"volatility" Modular mosaic wall with light function € 500,000 for 10% Yes, 20% with Carsten Maschmeyer (the deal was not materialized later)
"Caligraphy Cut" Innovative cutting tools for hairdressers € 500,000 for 20% Yes, with Frank Thelen & Judith Williams, € 1 million, 25%

September 4: Gruner + Jahr, founding journal "The Lion of Lion" opened

The successful show type "The Lives of the Lions" is accompanied by a founding magazine of the fifth season. Shijo magazine originated from the publisher Gruner + Jahr and has a bold momentum in the business media competition. From today's well-equipped kiosk, booklets are aimed at readers beyond traditional business journalism through novel magazine concepts. The co-production of CAPITAL and BUSINESS PUNK started with 250,000 copies.

Investor Carsten Maschmeyer is pleased with the magazine "Lions Cave".

Investor Carsten Maschmeyer is pleased with the magazine "Lions Cave".

SEPTEMBER 3: Season 5 of the founder's show is in the starting block.

인기있는 창립자 쇼는 시작 블록에 있습니다. 내일 저녁, 9 월 4 일, 다시 20시 15 분에 시작합니다. 독창적 인 발명가와 야심 찬 창시자는 배고픈 라이온 앞에서 한발짝 나아가서 자신의 구질에 돈을 벌 수있는 협상을 시도합니다. Die Unternehmer sind bestens vorbereitet und so geht es zum Auftakt der fünften Staffel von Beginn an heiß her. Am Ende des Abends geht ein glücklicher Kandidat mit einem Deal nach Hause.

Die Höhle der Löwen

박사 Georg Kofler verstärkt das Löwen-Rudel


Die Löwen (v.l.): Carsten Maschmeyer, Judith Williams, Frank Thelen, Dagmar Wöhrl, Georg Kofler und Ralf Dümmel

28. August: Die Löwen plaudern aus dem Nähkästchen

In wenigen Tagen (4. September 2018) kehrt die beliebte Erfindershow zu VOX zurück und hält einige Überraschungen bereit. In der fünften Staffel kämpfen nicht nur unfassbare 90 Gründer um ein Investment der Löwen. Bevor die Investoren aber im TV das Marktpotenzial der Erfindungen abchecken, haben sie ein wenig aus dem Nähkästchen geplaudert.

Alles zur 5. Staffel: Was wir bisher wissen

Das zum Spätsommer die VOX-Gründershow "Die Höhle der Löwen" eine Fortsetzung findet, keine große Neuigkeit. VOX hatte bereits im vergangenen Jahr (November 2017) eine fünfte Staffel angekündigt. Das schmälert aber keineswegs die Begeisterung und Vorfreude für die Show – die in diesem Jahr mit einigen Veränderungen um die Ecke kommt:

Mehr Löwen

Wer die vierte Staffel der beliebten Gründer-Show verfolgt hat, darf sich bestens informiert wissen, was die Besetzung der Investorenstühle angeht. So werden in diesem Jahr auch wieder Frank Thelen, 42, Ralf Dümmel, 51, Carsten Maschmeyer, 59,
Dagmar Wöhrl
, 64, und Judith Williams, 45, als "Löwen" um ihren Anteil der Startup-Beute kämpfen. Zu den Löwen gesellt sich dieses Mal als festes Investorenmitglied Dr. Georg Kofler, 61. Der Unternehmer, der bereit in der letzten Staffel für die erkrankte Judith Williams eingesprungen war, wird sich den Platz mit ihr teilen.

Investor Frank Thelen begutachtet das Produkt der Gründer Karl Hartmann und Konstantin Altrichter etwas genauer.

Die Höhle der Löwen

So lassen sich die Löwen der Gründer-Show begeistern


Noch hungriger

Wenn die Löwen im September wieder los sind, wird ihr Hunger größer denn je sein. Nach einer überaus erfolgreichen vierten Staffel werden sie sich nicht mit Mahlzeiten für den hohlen Zahn begnügen: Im Schnitt haben 3 Millionen Zuschauer die Folgen im vergangenen Jahr verfolgt. Diese Marke gilt es zu toppen.

Auch in finanzieller Hinsicht darf man Großes von der neuen Staffel erwarten. In den ersten vier Staffeln der Gründershow wurden rund 10 Millionen Euro investiert, wie das Nachrichtenportal "Welt" berichtet. Die Summe soll nun allein in Staffel 5 in die vorgestellten Startups gesteckt worden sein.

Mehr Startups

Anfang Juli hatte die „BILD“-Zeitung noch gemutmaßt, dass die neue Staffel "Die Höhle der Löwen" länger sein könnte, als die bisherigen Ausgaben. Für die vorausgehende Staffel waren nur zwölf Drehtage angesetzt, für die kommende soll an 15 Tagen gedreht worden sein. Dem ist allerdings nicht so. Wie bei Staffel 4 werden die Produkte der Gründer auch in der fünften Staffel in 12 Folgen vorgestellt. Allerdings wird es mehr Startups geben: 90 an der Zahl. Damit hoffen 20 Produkte mehr auf eine Finanzspritze seitens der Investoren.

Neue Höhle

Für die neuen Folgen sind die Löwen in ein neues Studio umgezogen. Die Investoren empfangen die Startup-Gründer diesmal vor einer Wolkenkratzer-Kulisse.

Hinter Investor Carsten Maschmeyer kann man bereits einen Blick auf die neue Kulisse erhaschen

Hinter Investor Carsten Maschmeyer kann man bereits einen Blick auf die neue Kulisse erhaschen

Jederzeit und für alle

"Die Höhle der Löwen" wird es ab der kommenden Staffel auch in der Wiederholung und mit Untertiteln geben. Das gab der Sender in einer Pressemitteilung bekannt. Demnach zeigt der Nachrichtensender n-tv immer freitags um 20:15 Uhr die aktuelle DHDL-Folge vom Dienstag als Wiederholung. Zudem besteht für hörgeschädigte Zuschauer die Möglichkeit "Die Höhle der Löwen" mit Untertiteln zu sehen.

Und für all diejenigen, die von dem Format nicht genug bekommen können, gibt es zum Start der 5. Staffel außerdem ein Gründer-Magazin. Das Magazin von Gruner + Jahr wird "Geschichten zu Startups aus der neuen und aus früheren Staffeln enthalten sowie auch andere erfolgreiche Unternehmer porträtieren."

Das erfolgreiche Konzept der Sendung

In der Unterhaltungsshow geht es um Investitionen. Dabei werben Erfinder und Unternehmensgründer mit ihren Pitches (Präsentationen) um das Kapital der Jurymitglieder. Je besser die Idee, desto größer die Chance das einer oder mehrere "Löwen" anbeißen.

Ob Investoren wie Frank Thelen, Judith Williams oder Ralf Dümmel die Unternehmer finanziell unter die Arme greifen, hängt aber nicht nur von der Präsentation ihrer Produkte und Ideen ab. Maßgeblich sind auch die Investitionsvorschläge der Kandidaten. Viele Deals stehen und fallen schon an diesem Punkt. Ist eine Unternehmensbewertung zu hoch oder sind Margen falsch kalkuliert, treten die Löwen vom Investment zurück. Erst wenn die Parameter stimmen, beraten sich die potenziellen Geldgeber und versuchen Herauszufinden, ob sich ein Investment lohnt.

Häufig stellen sie ein Gegenangebot vor. Die Löwen haben ihrerseits nämlich die Möglichkeit kundzutun, unter welchen Bedingungen sie einverstanden wären in das Geschäft einzusteigen. Können sich Kandidaten und Geldgeber auf den Deal einigen, wird der Pitch am Ende mit einem Handschlag besiegelt.

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Höhle der Löwen 2018

Die Highlights der Show

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