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November 17, 2020 (Tuesday) Stock Exchange



(Photo: REUTERS)

Defaults to Wall street Starting today, I expect it to be a little easier. In contrast, Nasdaq’s tech stocks are likely to rise slightly. This reversed the trend the day before, when the tech sector’s Corona winner fell behind the Dow Jones index with positive vaccine news. Participants say that this dichotomy could continue in the near future. This depends on whether the premature end of the pandemic is favorable or grim.

You should also be able to profit after the strong hike the day before. that much Dow Jones Index With the highest history in history S & P-500 You have reached the highest record. Commerzbank economist Peter Dixon said it’s not uncommon for waves of enthusiasm to be a bit disillusioned.

Share of electric vehicle manufacturers Tesla Advance trading increased by 13%. This is because the title will be included in the S&P 500 when trading starts on December 21st.

B title Berkshire Hathaway On the other hand, it lost 1.7%. US investor Warren Buffett relies on pharmaceutical companies, especially those doing vaccine research, in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. Abbvie (+ 2.1%), Merck (+ 2.1%) and Bristol Myers Squibb (+3.1%) made headlines. Pfizer Expanding previous day’s losses as a competitor Modern Can show positive research data.

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