Wednesday , September 28 2022

Prior to the planned corona protest: search by conspiracy theorist Attila Hildmann-Police & Justice-Berlin


Right-wing extremist cookbook writer Attila Hildmann visited the police before the corona protests in Berlin on Wednesday.

State security departments of the Brandenburg State Criminal Police Department and investigators of the Eastern Police Department searched the apartment of a conspiracy theorist and anti-Semitic in the Barnim area Tuesday morning.

As a spokesman for the Potsdam Police Headquarters said, the basis for that was the decision by the Bernau District Court to avoid the danger. The court’s decision is based on numerous preliminary investigations by the Prosecutor’s Office of Cottbus, including allegations of complaints and threats.

“We found what we were looking for,” a police spokesman said. A variety of storage media such as laptops, cell phones, SIM cards, USB sticks and hard drives were confiscated. At the same time, the investigators made a remark about the threat.

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This search and search should prevent Hildmann from continuing to commit crimes on the Internet, especially through channels with provider Telegram. The spokesman said, “This was primarily to prevent continued criminal activity.”

Hildemann denied the Holocaust several times during the demonstration and threatened politicians. He also spreads hate speech and conspiracy theories on the Telegram channel.

Even after the search, it was posted on Hildmann’s Telegram channel. One post reported that the police raided his house with 10 policemen. All computers, mobile phones, storage media and SIM cards have been confiscated. So the claim is that everything is done to “stop his educational work on telegram”.

FRG is no longer a safe country. Hildemann conducted a search in connection with protests against the national corona action in Berlin on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Bundestag and Bundesrat will discuss amendments to the infection protection law. As well as conspiracy theorists and right-wing extremists, Hildemann complains of possible forced vaccinations and compares the amendment to the Nazi activation law after Hitler came to power in 1933.

Anti-Semitic and conspiracy theorist Hildmann investigates multiple cases for criminal offenses on his Telegram channel, calls for criminal offenses, and now considers himself “political persecuted person”.

All of this happens because he is fighting for German freedom. We announced that we will continue to operate the channel through the channel. This has not been hacked.

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